Friday, June 24, 2011


I'll be honest.  Some weeks blogging is really hard.  It isn't for lack of words.  It is because I have too much on my mind and in my heart.  I get completely overwhelmed with my thoughts.   How can I say everything that needs to be said?  How I can put on paper what is swirling around in my head?  Some weeks blogging is hard and right now I am in a hard period.  There are five posts that I have begun but cannot finish.  I have that many more that haven't even gotten that far. 

It doesn't help when I see images like this:

Owen and Cole

Two little boys who are in desperate need of families.

Last year when Rob and I were across the ocean, one of the first RR mom's we met was Sherry White.  She and her husband were adopting three treasures.  Yes I said three.  But their hearts were broken by all the babes they left behind so THIS YEAR they went back to get TWO more.  Five treasures rescued.

Five treasures rescued but so many left behind.

Each day that Sherry is visiting with her two newest babes she is encountering these two little guys.

Owen and Cole.

How can I get my brain around the reality that two of these little guys in the picture above have Mama's (the one with the camoflauge hat is Sherry's and the one with the monkey has a Mama coming soon) and two of these little guys face transfer ANY DAY?

How can I go about my day knowing that they are asking SHERRY to be their Mama?

Where are their Mama's?? 

Who will cross the ocean for Cole and Owen?

And when I get e-mails from heartbroken families because they are unable to complete their adoptions.... When they beg me to advocate for the child they had to let go....


A little girl who has ALREADY BEEN TRANSFERRED.

A little one who needs a Mama and a Papa willing to cross the ocean to go rescue her from a life in a mental institution just because she was blessed with an extra chromosome.

I mean - look at this baby girl!


Does she honestly look like she belongs in a mental institute?


But that is where she will remain.

For the rest of her life.

Unless someone crosses the ocean!!

Someone go get her.  Rescue her from a life behind bars.
How do I find the words when I see kids like these?

My friend Andrea tries to find the words.

Every single Friday she posts about HER KIDS.  She is my hero.  She spent her last year ministering to the unwanted in several special needs institutes in Africa and in Aaron's former country.

She loved on the unloved.

And they responded.  They blossomed under her care.

But she had to come home and now she is shouting for her babes.

And I can't ever get through her posts on Friday without weeping.

This week was no different. 

I have wanted and wanted to tell you about Andrea and her kids.  She is a wonderful writer and every week she does an amazing job of capturing the personalities of the babes she left behind.

I have given up figuring out how to tell you about Andrea.  You are just going to have to go to her blog.  Every single one of you.  Go read her blog.  Bookmark it.  Pray for her kids.  Consider going and getting one. 

Or go get Owen and Cole.  They would make great brothers. 

Or Carlene.  Goodness me the joy she would bring to someone's household. 

All of these treasures.

They want Mama's. 

Cole and Owen ask daily for a Mama to come get them.

Papa's to carry them away.

Please pray for these babes.  Pray that God will raise up families. 

Andrea's kids.  Cole. Owen.  Carlene.  So many more.

The cast aside kids across the ocean.

Church - Please pray.


  1. So many, Julia. My heart is breaking more each day that we are here, each time we visit our orphanage. We have inquired about bringing home another one but are limited because of our approval being for SN and not having access to see the SN kids at our orphanage. So many. I feel like we will do this again. I wish it could be now, but we will do it again, and soon. We will bring home more of them. They deserve LIFE, with a FAMILY.

  2. I'm praying for Owen, Cole, Carlene, and all of them.

  3. Praying for all of them but especially for sweet Carlene. My heart breaks for her and the family that had to let her go.

  4. I love your posts...they are hard, and sometimes I try not to come here, because I know it will be hard....BUT, I do, and I cry, and I wonder why God I pray. I cry out SEND THEM NOW LORD JESUS, SEND THEM NOW, these kids are worthy...I pray that families will come forward. OH my heart hurts for Carlene. SEND THEM NOW!!!!!!

    Stephanie Lynch

  5. Do you know what the new list of "approved" special needs are?

  6. I just love your posts & wanted to say that you have inspired me so much since I started my advocating journey. I hope to adopt someday when I get married & am old enough to adopt. (hopefully I will be married when I am 25 as I want to rescue one of these kids now lol)

  7. I'm praying my husband changes his mind about adoption, it makes me physically ill not to be able to adopt someone like God adopted us. I added the babies in this post to our prayer list, thank you for advocating for them and loving them.

  8. I LOVE your blog! I just read about Owen and Cole again and my heart is truly breaking for them. I can't get them off my mind and so wish we could be the family they need. Blessings!

  9. Julia, thanks for all of your posts. Sometimes, in the best possible way, they are really hard to read. They prick my heart. Please keep putting the truth in front of our eyes!

    FYI -
    I think maybe the link you have on Owen's name is incorrect. It takes me to a profile on RR that looks like it's another little boy. I think this may be the correct link:

    -Beth in Atlanta

  10. I just got back from a few days away to find a huge increase in the number of hits on my blog... I was trying to figure out what happened and then I read this post :)
    Thank you for helping me shout for my babies. You're right, more often than not, putting it all into words is overwhelming yet I find the alternative even more unbearable.
    You are one of my biggest inspirations. Thank you for refusing to stay silent. I will add Cole, Owen and Carlene to my prayer list.
    Someone, please, consider welcoming one of my precious kids into your family!


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