Thursday, June 16, 2011

One Step Closer

Jonah's family is ONE STEP CLOSER to Jonah. 

Today they were in the Capital city and had their SDA meeting.

Tomorrow they get a piece of paper (referral) which gives them the right to visit Jonah and commit to him.

In just a few days they will have the unbelievable privilege of taking him in their arms - this child they have watched and come to love over the last number of weeks - they will get to take him into their arms and whisper in his ears that he is their son. 

I wish I could be there to take pictures of that moment.




  1. Oh, I wish I could be there too! And I am SO CLOSE! I am so happy for this family and for Jonah!!

  2. I think you just painted one with your beautiful words. :)

  3. is this family blogging? i'd love to follow their journey ...

  4. Great bike pictures!! That is one of our favorite activities, too. Don't know if I commented on this before, but I am so inspired by your heart to advocate for the fatherless. What an awesome example you are in caring and giving a voice to those who have none. Love it!!

  5. We met Jonah's parents tonight!! :) Very exciting! Love seeing Aaron on his bike in recent posts, Julia - you have three great sons!

  6. I love watching all these children meet their families. I also tell my friends I don't need to watch TV because the adventures and stories in blog land are so much better :) I am so excited for Jonah.

  7. This joy of this news just overshadows the news of the delays this summer! I'm so happy he's coming home and won't get stuck while everyone reorganizes. :)


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