Friday, July 1, 2011

Fatherless Friday and More...

Remember Carlene....

The little one I posted about a week ago...

Who absolutely does NOT look like she belongs in a mental institute but that is where she is currently residing????

Well a Kindle Giveaway is taking place to increase the grant fund on this sweet one so she won't have to remain there for the rest of her life.

Maybe you can't adopt her but it is Friday which means it is Payday and I bet many of you could spare 10.00 for Carlene.

Come on.... Look at that baby girl!  She is absolutely precious beyond belief!!

Please go HERE to donate. 

Before you go....

I have another little girl to present to you this morning.

One that has not been transferred YET but is close.  Very very close. 

Back in February when I was yelling about Jonah - I posted some video footage of him.  Behind him in the video is Tatianna.  You can see it HERE.

She is in Jonah's group.

She is one of his friends.

And she is desperate for a Mama.

Several families have met this sweet little girl.  Jonah's family is there now and sees her every single day.  She has asked them time and again if they would be her Mama and Papa.  How hard it is for them to have to turn away from the desperate cry from one so young.
She is a precious little girl who is now five and who was recently evaluated by the staff.  That my dear friends means that they are readying her to be transferred. 

How can our hearts keep from being broken time and again when we hear about these kids? 

The desires of their hearts are to have families.

Please pray that a family will step up and go get Tatianna... Carlene.... the boys I posted about last week - Owen and Cole.... so many many more....

There are so many lost and forsaken special needs kids who are longing for a home.

Finally, please keep praying for Victoria...

She has dropped weight which is just not good.

Thankfully, many are answering the call to help her exhausted family.  Thank you! 

Please just keep lifting this sweet babe up to the throne.  

Now... Go donate for Carlene.....Win a Kindle.... Have a glorious Friday!!


  1. The need is overwhelming this morning. Praying like never before for these precious children. Thanks for sharing their stories, Julia.

  2. So glad to hear about the giveaway for Carlene! I just posted yesterday about her and 2 other girls that just tug at my heart. Lord - call those mommies & daddies!!!

  3. Thank you so much for posting about the giveaway!!! You've helped SO much!!!!


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