Friday, July 8, 2011

Fatherless Friday

This morning I dedicate Fatherless Friday to all the Little Lost Boys who need Daddies...

Daddies willing to give up their view of perfection...

And instead see as God sees...

To love as God loves...

To hate injustice as God hates injustice...

To protect as God protects.

To care as God cares.

I dedicate Fatherless Friday to all the little boys who desperately need Daddies.

Daddies who are willing to cross oceans...

To rescue the forsaken.

To love the unloved.

To not turn their backs on the needy and helpless.




There are little Lost Boys waiting across the ocean for you.

All the Lost Boys on this page are found on the OTHER ANGEL BOYS page at Reece's Rainbow.


  1. I hope it's okay. I linked to this post on my Forever Family Friday post, today. Praying for each of these blessings to find families.

  2. I love Sammy he's such a handsome little man! I wish more people would pay attention to Tyler, he's autistic and has been waiting so long.

  3. OH Julia, I am so glad you posted Kole's picture- he just melts my heart, and if we could adopt him, I would scoop him up in a heartbeat!

  4. oh i love this post, what a wonderful thing to be doing! with your permission i would also like to link your blog and your friday posts to my own forget me not friday if thats ok? i sure am yelling beside you and i have a very big mouth! lol xxx lovely to see you join in and please come back every week and add a link xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Great post! I want to say that I'm so grateful to have a husband who is one of those fathers: he and I are in the process of trying to bring home our fifth. Despite physical impairments, mental handicaps, emotional setbacks, financial vacuums, he is in this thing all the way, because he has a heart for being a father to the fatherless.

  6. Thanks! Love these kiddos...wish it could be in person. :(

  7. The four we brought home bring me Joy, the hundreds we left behind, sadness.

  8. My husband is one of those fathers!! We have just committed to a little one on Reece's Rainbow and are praying in the funds to bring him home ASAP! You can follow our journey at

  9. Moving! Isn't God's love amazing (and these boys are so cute!!).


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