Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Am Just One Person

I'm just one person.  I can't do much on my own.  I have little money and little resources and I am just one person.  What can I do?  I see injustice, poverty, depravity, a world caught in sin and strife.  What can I do?  I am just one person.  I am just one person.

I might as well throw in the towel.  Anything I have to offer is equivelent to tossing a feather into the wind.  What difference will I make with my measly donations here and there and my tiny voice hollering?   How can I make a difference when I am bound to my place by responsibilities and family?  I might as will turn my back and go about my days in my safe corner of the world, protecting my children and living my life so that I am not tainted by the poison of the world.  I am just one person and there is no way I matter much in the great scheme of things.  I am just one person.

But, I am just one person who CAN give 10.00 to a little girl in a far away country.  And I CAN share her story with someone else or two or three.  Maybe not much in the great scheme of things, but I can do THAT MUCH.  And as one person I can watch God move and act in the hearts of the one or two or three that I told and I can watch each of those people give and share the story to other people and in a matter of less than a week I can watch a tiny little forgotten girl's RR account go from $300.00 a week ago (SEE POST HERE) to over 20,000.00 as of this morning. 

I am just one person but I serve a MIGHTY GOD who again and again reminds me that all I need to do is offer my little meager bits of this and that which on their own matter little and add up to even less.  Yet He can take and use what I offer - pitiful crumbs- and He can multiply it beyond what I can ever ask or imagine.  It is HIS WORK and HIS WORK alone.  It is NOT by our might or wisdom or strategy or power.  It is God's work.  It is tiny offerings here and tiny offerings there gathered together by the Loving, Tender hands of God who takes those paltry sums and turns them into grand masterpieces.

I am just one person and I can't do much.  If I do nothing then I have more to keep for myself.  I can go about my life, safe, protected.  Or I can take my meager, pitiful offerings and hand them over to God who multiplies loaves and fishes on a daily basis. 

I am just one person.  But I am not alone.  And as my dear friend Adeye who started yelling a few days after I did for a little forgotten girl across the ocean so aptly put it:  ASLAN IS ON THE MOVE!  I am just one person but I am not alone.


  1. Ohhh! Cannot wait to watch her come home!

  2. I often feel this way when i donate 5-10.00-20.00 to diff blogs..but i know it causes a ripple effect and others will join in..god is good!!

  3. I'm reminded after Jesus fed the crowds, he told the disciples to collect the crumbs and leftovers. They had way more than they had started with and everyone was full! So with our little crumbs gathered together, we can have baskets and baskets of blessings to reach out to those who need. God is absolutely amazing! I can hardly wait to see who her family will be!

  4. thanks for this post! I feel the same way somedays that i can't do more for some of these families but I know that God will provide & every little bit helps.

  5. thankful that God blessed the loaves & fishes for her. praying for the forever family God has planned for this little darling.

  6. Thank you for posting this! I've been following this little girl's progress this past week...God IS AMAZING!!!! And so are those that gave what they could, to make a difference for this little girl! Let's work on the others, too! :D

  7. Praying for Teri. She will find her home.....maybe in Iowa ;) We will just see what the Lord has up his sleeve.


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