Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Patience of Summer

I was sitting in the office, and Aaron was just around the corner, out of sight.

He was singing the ABC song.

Off-key, missing every other letter.

A happy boy.

I was smiling to myself in the office, listening to Aaron's happy sounds.

Then Rob came downstairs. He heard the singing, and looked over into our little family room.

And burst out laughing.

Happy Boy.

Patient Summer.

On this Sunday... Would you do me a favor?  Go help my dear friend Renee.  She is adopting from the HARD COUNTRY.  The one where it costs a fair fortune to rescue a child. 

 It's the same country where IAN lives. Ian's new parents are in the middle of their 2nd trip there right now, and sure would love some encouraging comments on their blog

Gretchen is not feeling well, and tomorrow they have to endure medical exams from 8 DIFFERENT DOCTORS.  Yuck!  The Stewarts are also waiting to see if they qualify for a grant that would help them cover the final costs of their jaw-droppingly expensive $50,000 + adoption. That's an unbelievable amount of money, but Ian is WORTH EVERY DIME SPENT.  Please pray along with us that they get that loan.  Then maybe they can put some proper shoes on that little guy and get him out of there!!!

Please don't forget to help my friend Renee and her family. You have to go to her blog to really understand why they need help. Some of the people they were counting on to support their adoption have turned their backs on them. Not everyone supports adoption, not even all Christians. It is hard when Christian people abandon you at the precise moment when you're trying to answer God's call.

But these kids are worth a little bit of suffering.

Just look at the pictures above of a little guy sitting on "My Summer" and singing the ABC song off-key.  He is worth every single dime we paid on our quest to get him.  He is worth all of the time and tears it cost to bring him home.

Renee and Gretchen long for the day when they, too get to hear their little ones making happy sounds, safe in their new homes. Off-key, and not caring one bit about it. Loving Life.  Free.


  1. Thank you Julia! I remember when I first found your blog, and reading about being "over" there. Feeling for you guys but not really understanding what is was like. There is no way to really know what this all feels like until you are actually in the midst. This second of three trips, while easier in many ways, has already taken a big toll on us physically and we have not even gotten started with all there is to be done. Yet, God is so good, so patient with us at every juncture, that we have a calmness about court that is priceless. I am sure it will get better tomorrow when we have a moment to take in the amazing history of this incredible city where Ian was born. Thank you for your support, we can't wait until Ian sits on our dog too! Oh wait, we don't a dog - LOL, I guess that will be next on the list:) Love you, and hug that wonderful boy of yours for us, he's such a little miracle.

  2. Thank you for reminding us all of the goal we are working toward, Julia. When the fundraising seems to be going too slowly, loved ones voice a multitude of doubts, the adoption books are warning of a thousand catostrophic possibilities, the paperwork comes to a standstill, and worry seems suffocating, I just go to your page to see what Aaron is up to and my heart is gladdened. Our God is bigger than any of these speedbumps in our paths. And Aaron and all the other little ones already home are evidence of that. Thank you!

  3. That is one patient dog! Adorable pic! Aaron has such a great life now. Such a wonderful change from where he was. God is good :)

  4. $50,000? Wow! And why do they have to make 3 trips? I will keep them in my prayers :D

    Elk Grove, CA


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