Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Night

Sunday night and I am coming to you to ask you to remember in prayer two families.  Both of these families I have shared about before. 

Dave and Lisa Warner have been stuck in Ki*v for the last 10 days because of the possibility that their son has TB. 

After getting that news, they then found out Lisa's sister had tragically died.  Stuck across the ocean, their grief is just plain beyond words.  Tomorrow, Dear Friends, tomorrow, they are taking their little guy to get another chest X-ray.  THAT X-RAY NEEDS TO BE CLEAR.  It just plain needs to show clean and healthy lungs so this family can travel home on Tuesday and grieve their loss together.  Please pray.  Please lift this family up TONIGHT before the throne that Joshua's X-rays pass all the tests and they can come home.  Where they belong.  Their blog is HERE

The other family is the Goodmans and their Sweet Caroline who is not currently on the special needs list and so right now cannot be adopted. 

Her heart is in terrible condition and she needs surgery.  Her options for surgery over there are not good.  The whole situation is mixed up and hard.  The link to their blog is HERE.  Please pray for this little one - this family - this entire situation.  It is beyond difficult to put any of it into words.  The love the Goodmans have for this little girl across the ocean may seem crazy to some until you have walked in their shoes.  To those who have adopted, their crazy love is not hard to understand at all.  It is what drives so many to willingly give up everything to bring their little one home.  It is a window into the Love of God for us.  A crazy, sacrificial love.  Please stand with them as they pray for their sweet little girl that God would protect her during this time.


  1. I love how you call adoption a window into the love that God has for us - it is so so true. God loved us when we were unlovable, and to so many, having a difference makes you just that.

    Families go into disgusting institutions to bring out children covered in filth and love them, heal them. Just like God did for us.

    Brooke Annessa

  2. I have prayed numerous times today for both families. They are in such difficult situations! It would just be an act of God if the little fellows lungs would just be clear tomorrow and get the go to get home. And, it would be another act of God to get someone to put Caroline approved to be adopted and be able to come to Arkansas Children's Hospitl to have her surgery. I am a fellow Arkie who has been advocating and praying for this family all along. It would just make such a difference in her future if all these things could just fall into place. Praying, praying, praying!!!!!

  3. Praying for both the Warners and the Goodmans.


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