Monday, August 15, 2011

Oh My!

We woke up yesterday morning to the weather man forecasting that the skies were literally going to cave in.  Thunderstorms, hail, lightning, the works. 

What to do... what to do... Aaron's party was IN A PARK!  30+ people coming with a only small overhanging shelter to keep the sun off but not torrents of rain..... Oh My!!

We cancelled.

Based on an onimous weather forecast.


Not a drop of rain.  Not a single drop.


He still had fun opening presents at his cousin' house and he shared his cake with the children at church (our church meets Sunday afternoons) so all was not lost.  But Goodness.  Weather reporters....I could say a whole lot of words..... but.... I'm holding my tongue!

We left for Shriner's EARLY this morning.

Rob, Aaron and myself.

We dragged out of bed early so Aaron could get his braces adjusted today. His surgery on his elbow is tomorrow but we were desperate for the straps on his braces to be fixed.  So they told us to come today. MONDAY.  A day early.  OKAY....

We did.

A day early.

No one was in any of the waiting rooms.  No children.  Nothing.  Weird.

Just Aaron.

We turned in our paperwork and they sent us to prosthetics.... No one there either.  Weird.

We rang the bell to let them know we were there... Hmmmm.... Why were we there?  To get straps fixed????  Well.... how about we do them TOMORROW while Aaron is in surgery.  TOMORROW.  Not today.  Didn't need to come today.  No one was there today.  Is this a children's hospital?? Where in the world were all the children today???

Come back tomorrow.  Sigh....

BOTH Ronald McDonald houses full.

THAT must be where all the children had gone.


Typing this from a hotel 20 minutes away.

I'm ready to go home.

On our way to Shriner's, Aaron was sitting in his car seat figuring out that since he didn't have his braces on.... he could use his toes to make his window go up and down.  It was an exciting discovery for the "I'm not going to go to sleep even though you dragged me out of bed early" youngest son of mine.  Window up.  Window down. 

He was also playing with his sandals.     The ones we bought at the beach last week that we figured would last us TWO summers because they were a tad too big. 

Windows.... sandals... windows.... sandals....

Windows.....minus one sandal...

Out the window while driving 70 miles an hour on the highway....

Oh My!

No - we can't go back and get your sandal.....

They called us while we were enroute to give us the scoop on tomorrow's surgery schedule.

Poor babe doesn't have surgery until 12:00 noon. 

I asked the lady for the official name of his surgery.  We knew what they were doing but had never seen it in writing.

She paused.

Asked me if I really wanted to know.

Ummmm... Yes....

I grabbed my pen....

She took a deep breath and began to give me the official name of THE FOUR PROCEDURES they are going to do on his tiny little elbow.

What???  Can you be so kind as to say that again slowly???

Oh My Goodness.

It is too tiny for them to do all that!!

THREE HOURS to cut, move, twist, turn, break and repair.  Three hours on one tiny little boy's elbow.

Three hours to give him the simple ability to bend his elbow.  Three hours to accomplish what we take for granted thousands of times every single day.  Three hours.

I am officially a wreck.

I'm so glad these guys are along for the ride....

Aaron can have them tonight....

But I get them tomorrow.


  1. SO sorry! UGH! The frustrations of hospitals. We do understand that part! I am so sorry! I pray that the time that you do have at the hotel will be one that you can save so the Lord can bring good out of what was meant for bad. I pray that there will be memories that will be made that will be treasured always! I pray that each moment will be used as a treasured time together. ((((HUGS))) from a mother who has been in the horrible hospital's timing...not our timing.....and it means that it must be God's timing NOT ours.....I am praying that you will one day be able to look back and see the why this has happened but until then i am praying for the time to be very sweet!

  2. If you need ANYTHING while you are in town please don't hesitate to contact me! Good luck on Aaron's surgery tomorrow.

  3. Praying for you all tonight as you wait and tomorrow during surgery. Poor little guy...

  4. Surgery takes so much out of us, doesn't it? It is hard to see your little one taken behind the door you cannot go into. :(

    We have been there so many times! The longest surgery was on our son. 9 hours. It was an eternity.
    It appears we were headed for the double doors yet again soon.

    I pray for you and for Aaron that you will both be able to rest and be strong for the upcoming week.

    Mama, once you learn the pain med schedule, call them if they are not there ON TIME. It will make all the difference in the world. You won't be able to sleep much the first night, so bring your own coffee that is comfortable to you. (I hate hospital coffee) When we go, I bring my own and we all enjoy it. :)
    Praying for you.

  5. I am and will be praying. The sandal out the window made me laugh. That is SO something Vera would do. I will pray tomorrow at noon. Keep us posted.

  6. Oh no on Aaron losing a kick and an even bigger OH NO on the FOUR procedures he has to go through tomorrow... But I am thankful that these procedures are available to him and that even with all that he is about to endure there is the possibility of a bend. And you, my friend, you bend, but do not break....Praying for you all.

  7. We will be praying for Aaron! There is NEVER anyone there when we're there. I think our surgeon must just have totally different clinic days than everyone else. Well, that and the fact the surgeries he's doing usually are 8-10 hours long, so I suppose that is fewer patients. Axel had a quick procedure there last week to get his halo off (Praise God!) and we don't have to go back for three months!!! YIPEE!!!! Keep trying the RMDH every day to find out if they have a room available. The last two times we went we've been able to stay with friends who have picked us up from the airport, shuttled us back and for to the hospital, and brought us back to the airport to go home. What a blessing friends are. Hugs and prayers to you, ~Leah~

  8. Praying for a successful surgery that will greatly improve Aaron's ability to use his arm! Know that God will be with you and with Aaron and He'll guide the doctor's hands...

  9. Praying for all of you tomorrow!

  10. a similar "shoe out the window" story is a favorite story told on my sister-in-law. =) how special for you to be able to connect Aaron's sandal story with opening the car window with his toes!!!!! woohoo!!!!! thankful that all he has gone thru has brought his feet to these abilities.

    may it give you hope for the procedures he will be receiving on his elbow. praying for aaron, his surgeons, his caregivers and his mama & papa.

    with love, e(hugs) and HOPE,

  11. You guys are so welcome to stay here if you need.We would love to have you and we have room!
    Please let me know if there is anything we can do okay?

  12. hope all gose well let us know how it goes

  13. Will be praying here in Knoxville, me some Aaron. I hope this surgery is beyond successful and that it gives Aaron a big boost!!! Love you guys and hope everything goes smoothly~


  14. Lots of prayers going out for you all and for your sweet boy! Isn't it amazing how we are the adults yet it is our children who quite often teach us the simplest yet most powerful of life's lessons?! Aaron is truly a special little man!

  15. good luck and prayers for you both...

  16. I can totally relate to the weather-on-birthday-party-day! Over the past few months I've had to postpone 2 of my childrens' bday parties due to the "weather"...I will never believe the weatherman again!

    Love the story about the sandal-out-the-window! I hope that it will bring smiles and laughs for years to come...I have similar stories in my kids' baby books!

    Prayers being said for Aaron's upcoming surgery.


  17. We will be praying for you all....
    and praying for comfortable recovery for Aaron...


  18. LOL! HOSPITALS! Hey I should know I'm a nurse, so I am a horrible patient.

    Hey I got your Biblioplan on my blog and mentioned it again. Hoping others will see how cool it is!

    Take care. We are still trudging along. I know it all has it purpose, but come on already. Sigh

  19. Prayers for a quick and successful surgery.

    -Jennifer (blogger won't let me post under my account, for some reason. . .)


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