Tuesday, September 20, 2011

As Each is Opened...

It is definitely a tragedy.

Two different families arrived in the last week for their appointment with the SDA only to discover that the boys they are adopting had been transferred.  Both boys transferred within recent months.  Both boys sent to unknown institutes.  Institutes that have been closed until now.  Both boys transferred to institutions where NO CHILD HAS EVER BEEN ADOPTED BEFORE.


The first family found out a week ago.  The second family just found out yesterday.

It is a tragedy.  The reality is filled with much grief.  I mourn for the boys and for the families.  Rob and I know full well what they are going through.   It is hard.  It is gut wrenching. 

But.... as I am in conversation with the one family and as we begin to storm heaven for the other family  - I have to say that God is on the move.  In the midst of these two tragedies - God is doing a Beautiful Work. 

Understand this - there are countless special needs mental institutes across Eastern Europe.  Places of no return that are hidden away in villages across the landscape.   For centuries they have held within their walls hundreds and thousands of Lost Boys and Lost Girls.  Very few people actually know where they all are.  Within the villages themselves, few have ever entered their gates.

But now.... Slowly, painstakingly, bit by agonizing bit, through the sweat and tears and groans of the families who have chosen to cross the ocean, those hidden places are being opened.  Light is being shed and darkness is being forced to flee.  It hurts.  On every level it hurts.  Yet through the agony of these transfers - God is moving.  He is doing a work that is His and His alone.

So we grieve.  We grieve for the children who have to go through the horror of transfer.  We grieve with the families.

 But we also rejoice.  Because light is shining in darkness. 
God is doing a New Thing.
 The hidden places are being found. 
The Lost Boys and Lost Girls in those places have hope.

As each institute is opened, the possiblities for other children to find families increases. 
As each institute is opened, the door is flung open for teams to enter and to begin to bring life-giving ministries to the forsaken inside the gates. 
As each institute is opened, the darkness is forced to flee.

As each institute is opened...


  1. oh my how awful for the families! i will be praying for them and would be happy to join a prayer team with you inthis.xxxx

  2. tears and tears, Julia. Am I reading correctly that there is a possibility, however remote that those boys could still be rescued? I am praying!! And that photo of Aaron- aagggh, praise GOD!!

  3. Both boys are still going to be adopted thankfully!!

  4. God is good - praying for his perfect provisions.


  5. I am praying everyday! What I love to see is God's love that overcomes those locks on the gates! So amazing!

  6. I just discovered your blog thru Smiles and Trials. We adopted a special needs boy from Ukraine almost 7 yrs ago. We didn't know he was special needs, we didn't know the atrocities he faced if we had waited 6 more months to adopt him. I'm glad we went in blind. It was hard enough. The thought of knowing his fate before hand would have been too overwhelming. God was amazing on our whole journey. The mountains He moved were HUGE. We are forever grateful. I will pray for these children and their families. Thank you for writing. Blessings Sue


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