Saturday, September 10, 2011

Consider Yourself

Last night I CONSIDERED MYSELF very blessed to have two extremely talented sons.

They knocked my socks off.

They are in the musical OLIVER.

Elijah is the Artful Dodger.

Ben plays multiple roles, including the nasty undertaker's son.

Aaron - well.... he didn't go on stage but the night of the dress rehearsal he did get to ride in Mr. Carl's wheelchair.

Mr. Carl and his sweet wife Sandy are two of Aaron's biggest supporters and one of the first families to donate to Aaron's adoption.

Getting a ride on Mr. Carl's fast wheelchair makes for a very happy little boy!!

(All the pictures are from the Thursday night dress rehearsal)


  1. Your family is just amazing. Have your boys been doing community theater since they were small? They look very at home. Aaron doesn't seem to think you look very scary Mr Carl. Great post.

  2. The boys have been doing community theater for about 7 years now... They are extremely comfortable on stage!

  3. I was in a production of Oliver back in high school :)

  4. Wonderful! That is so so cool!


  5. sweet! i looooove to see that sweet smile on your son :) praise God!

  6. Wow! That's a BIG part!! I love, Oliver, and the Artful Dodger is my favorite character.:) Glad to see little guy can still smile.


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