Friday, September 23, 2011

The Fatherless this Friday

In remembrance of where our son lived for an entire year of his life.... I dedicate this post to all the Lost Boys and Lost Girls on Reece's Rainbow who have been blessed with an extra chromosome and who HAVE ALREADY BEEN TRANSFERRED.

This is Josiah.... TRANSFERRED... JUST THIS WEEK....
Update - Josiah has a family coming to get him!!! Thank you Jesus!!

This is Lawrence.... TRANSFERRED

This is Katelyn...TRANSFERRED

This is Will.... TRANSFERRED

This is Sheridan.... TRANSFERRED

This is Nicholas.... TRANSFERRED

This is Maxim.... TRANSFERRED

This is Kyle.... TRANSFERRED

This is Ruslan.... TRANSFERRED

This is Grant.... TRANSFERRED.

This is Danielle.... TRANSFERRED

This is Kennedy (girl).... TRANSFERRED.

This is Heath... TRANSFERRED.

This is Angelia (girl)... TRANSFERRED.

P.S.  - These are all the children with Down Syndrome.  There are MANY more children on Reece's Rainbow who HAVE BEEN TRANSFERRED.  I just chose to focus on the one category this week.


  1. And We just found out Wednesday that sweet Alex in 41 was just transferred...he turns 5 on Sunday, Sept. 25


  2. I didn't realize how many children have been been transferred. So sobering.

  3. I suspected transfer was tramatic. Didn't realize just how traumatic til I saw it with my own eyes. :( No wonder they experience such dramatic regression.


  4. That picture of Tony is more heartbreaking when you realize he is 12 years old.


    He's smaller than my 20-month-old nephew.

    I've been praying for him to find a family and encouraging friends and family to donate to his fund to make sure his family can get to him as quickly as possible.

  5. I did realize Tony had been transfered.

  6. Julia, Tony has not been transferred! He is in the orphanage with our Katie, still being treated as a baby because he is so small!

  7. Thanks Susanna - I took him off.. PRAYING IT STAYS THAT WAY!!!

  8. Its so sad to see all those faces, but I remember seeing that beautiful picture of sweet Ruslan about 3 years ago and falling in love with him - I so hoped he had a family :( I'm only 19 so know I can never provide a family and home for him but I so wish someone out there would


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!