Friday, September 16, 2011

Focus on the Families

See this little guy...

This is Andriy and he is SO CLOSE to having his family cross the ocean to get him.

He's special because he is one of Andrea's kids.  She's one of my favorite bloggers.  She spent six months across the ocean last year loving on some children in a few orphanages and institutes.  Through her yelling she was able to get several of those LOST KIDS listed on Reece's Rainbow.  Andriy was one of them and now he has a family coming.  That just plain makes me cry. 

The Burlingham family is of course in need of funds to bring him home and so they are doing a HUGE giveaway.  You can click HERE to find out more about it.  Please consider helping this family out by PRAYING and donating.....

Finally.... I have one more family who is very special to me....

A family that needs tons of prayer as well as a bit more money to get them fully funded....

The Morenos.

For almost TWO YEARS now they have been working to get their Baby J. home. 

Last winter, they watched the Davis family face the judge in their region and get turned down.  They watched the Hook family face the same judge and get their child, but only after major grilling and a lot of blood, sweat and tears.  Now it is their turn. 

They are leaving in a few short weeks and we need to be MIGHTY in PRAYER for them. 

Please go encourage them with your words on their BLOG - let them know you are behind them on bended knee.  Drop some money in their account so they have one less thing to worry about and put them high on your prayer list.  It is time Baby J came home!!

When Baby J comes home - we are all going to stand up and give God the Biggest Standing Ovation of them ALL!!  Three babies will have been rescued from a region that was CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED to special needs adoptions!  How utterly amazing is that??

So PRAY People!! PRAY!!

We need to keep praying for the Maddex family.


They are the ones who were told NO by the judge a few weeks ago.  See my post HERE

They have now been in country for 41 days with no end in sight.  Stuck.  Waiting.  They are appealing the ruling and these things take time.  Pray for them as they navigate these murky waters.  What they are doing is HARD.  They have kids at home.  They have bills to pay.  They did not plan on spending all these extra weeks in country.  Please pray that their mountain gets moved.

They want to bring this little guy HOME. 

He has NO future where he is living.  He will end up transferred to a dead-end institution like the one where Aaron lived.  Please pray that they get a court date for their appeal and that they will be granted Danil as their son.



  1. Whooooo! Anastasia is another of the little pumpkins I have longed and prayed for! Thanks for the updates and prayer fuel.

  2. I noticed Anastasia on the my family found me page and was so happy for her -- now I'm so glad to here she will get to come home so soon. Praying God provides for all these families. Thanks for making us aware of them and their needs.

  3. I'm sorry to send this to you :(

  4. Thank you Julia for sharing Andriy once again. I can't wait till you won't need to share him. He will be home where he belongs. Andrea's blog is one of my favorites too. Andrea doesn't have cute picts of Aaron ;)


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