Sunday, September 4, 2011

Go Away Mom

Little one FINALLY decided that going outside with a cast on his arm was something he could do.

Three weeks inside the house has been long enough.

Three weeks without his bike has been pure agony (Aaron's bike is being fitted with brakes - we figured this would be a good time to do this since he can't steer with the cast on).

Three weeks has just been way too long.

FINALLY little one decided that he COULD walk down and play in his sandbox.


But he is NOT going to give mom the pleasure of a smile.

That would be asking too much!!


  1. That last picture is why he survived the institute. That boy is stubborn.

  2. Looking at these pictures of Aaron reminds me of how I react to God sometimes. How I can't understand that the trials I am going through will be for my own good and benefit but at the time it just seems like unnecessary torture.

    If only Aaron could understand that this period of time is so short in comparison to how much time he will have with an arm that will be able to do so much more.

    I pray he finds comfort and his smile again. And that somehow he will be able to understand.

    Carlene's soon to be momma :)

  3. Oh, my goodness he's looking quite grumpy! My prayers for the little guy that this time passes quickly! Seriously, has it been 3 weeks? The next 3 will fly by so quickly!

  4. Oh sweet Aaron! SO glad he decided to get some fresh air!


  5. praying for your son. may he find some hope & joy in his heart and his days. being a mama certainly isn't easy. i agree with katrina's comment.

  6. Interesting how Aaron can use his feet so well to dig!

    May God be your strength during this time and always~



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