Monday, October 17, 2011

Baby Pictures

This past week Rob hung a few pictures of Aaron up on the wall alongside the baby pictures of the boys.  I know.  We are a bit late in doing this but better late than never!!  He was so excited to see his pictures hanging with his brothers. 

Sadly, two of the pictures are two of his 'available for adoption' pictures.  The first one is a small grainy picture of him when he was around a year old.  That picture is so tiny that we couldn't blow it up large enough for the wall.  It sits in our den. 

The second was taken so he could be listed on the Reece's Rainbow website.  The orphanage director had heard about RR through some missionaries and desperately wanted Aaron to find a home before he was transferred. 

The third picture that we have yet to hang up is his transfer picture.  We received that one when we had our SDA referral in country.  We haven't hung that one up yet because in many ways it breaks my heart to see it.  He's all dressed up in that picture.  Wearing a brand new outfit complete with shoes.  Looking unbelievably handsome.

Three 'official' pictures of our son.

The sorrow behind those pictures is fading for him.  He is home and now his pictures are part of our gallery of pictures.  He is part of us.  Brothers hanging side by side on the wall.  Our son.

See this picture?

This is Artem.

Most likely it is his first official 'available for adoption' orphanage picture.

A year or so later they needed to update his file and so this picture was taken:

A year later they took this one.

This past year this one was taken:

A gallery of 'available for adoption' pictures.

The depth of sorrow behind those words screams out as we scan his pictures.

The next picture they take - the next official picture of Artem...

It will most likely be his transfer picture.

The one where they seriously clean him up - dress him in new clothes. 

Then send him away.


Share Artem's pictures.  His story.

For three years his pictures have sat on the Reece's Rainbow website.

For three years he has been hanging on the Christmas Angel Tree.

For three years he has been ignored - looked over - written off. 


Patti - my sweet blogging friend who is going crazy for Artem on her blog - has just announced a WONDERFUL GIVEAWAY for Artem.

If you have ALREADY donated to Artem - You are automatically entered into the drawing.  Just go to Patti's blog and leave a comment!!  If you haven't donated or if you want to donate more ... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE donate 5.00, 10.00, 20.00, 50.00 to Artem's grant account and then let Patti know so she can put your name into the drawing. 



  1. It's such a blessing to have those baby photos!


  2. Do you know if the director in Aaron's babyhouse know that he was adopted? I think he or she must be so relieved that he found his family.

  3. Yes she does know Monica. We met her last summer and were able to send her updated pictures this past spring. She also has seen our blog. Not sure if they still follow it or not but they have read it in the past.

  4. I love the chub on his cheeks in that first picture - never would recognize it as your smiling, bright-eyed boy, though!

  5. Wow, that is an amazing first picture of Aaron. Such chubby cheeks. He's adorable in the "all dressed up" picture too. Why would they take a picture before his transfer- since no one expected adoption after that point. Was it really taken just for that "occasion"?

    Congrats on your fantastic job for Artem. Now, let's have some good news about a family!


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