Friday, October 14, 2011

Fatherless Friday

Artem K

Do you know how much fun it is to go to my sidebar every day and see that Artem's grant account keeps rising??

We are $911.64 away from reaching our $10,000.00 goal for Artem.

Keep on keeping on for Artem.

THANK YOU THANK YOU for making advocating for him SO MUCH FUN!!


Project Hopeful has officially opened up an account for sweet Jack so for those who have been wondering how you can donate DIRECTLY to Jack in order to help a family find him.... PLEASE click HERE and make a donation.  You will need to put in the comments that the money is designated to JACK 23.  Project Hopeful is a WONDERFUL ministry that focuses on children with HIV.   


Also..... See this little cutie???

This is Grace and her Mama and Papa are crossing the ocean THIS WEEKEND!! 

Oh I know they are just going crazy thinking about her!

They are in a different country than where Aaron was so their procedure is different.  I KNOW they would LOVE for you to remember them in prayer as they have so many tasks to complete in the next week or so before they can bring their sweet one home. 

Their link is HERE.  They are a bit short in funds for sweet Grace but are trusting God that He will provide all that they need. 

Finally.... I get a lot of requests from families to help them raise money for their adoptions.  It is SO HARD to know how to help.  I try to do whatever I can because I know that raising the money needed is one of the most daunting parts of adopting.  My heart is burdened deeply to know how best to stand with the families as they cliff jump.  But I also want to advocate and raise awareness for the little ones who don't have families yet.  Raising their grant money is important to me.  I don't want to see little ones ending up where Aaron went.  It just rips my heart out.  So I am often torn in two.  How to support the families and how to yell for the kids!

My sweet friend Adeye also gets a lot of requests from families for help.  She came up with a BRILLIANT idea this past week.  I am so excited for all the families and the FORTY CHILDREN she has been able to help through her 'different' style Giveaway.   Please go HERE so you can see what she is doing.  Pick a family off there - join in the fun!! 

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