Sunday, October 2, 2011

For Mike and MaryAnne

I am a loyal Redskin fan through and through. 

I have been since I was a little girl growing up in the Washington D.C. area. 

I do not like the Dallas Cowboys.

I do not.

I never have and I never will.


UNFORTUNATELY...the director of our local drama group (Black Box Players)  is a loyal Cowboy fan.  Her husband is a Cowboy fanatic!! 

And for Aaron's birthday - they gave him the most DIGUSTING shirt you can imagine.  I about vomited when he pulled it out of the bag.

What the world???

Do they think I would EVER put this shirt on my kid and post the pictures on my blog???

No way...

Not me.

I would never ever post pictures of MY SWEET GOING TO BE A REDSKIN FAN AARON wearing a STINKIN' CowGIRL shirt on my blog.

I mean it is bad enough that my oldest son has betrayed our family by being a CowGIRL fan... NOT TWO... NO WAY!!



Okay - Maybe just this ONE time!!

Maybe for the 25th Anniversary of the BLACK BOX PLAYERS.  Maybe since Black Box has been SO GOOD for my boys and our family.  Maybe since we have been so blessed to be part of a family drama group that gives every child a chance to shine on stage... Maybe just this ONE TIME will I post pictures of my Precious Aaron in a stinky Cowboy shirt....

Maybe just for Mike and MaryAnne...

Maybe just this ONE TIME will I let my littlest wear that shirt on my blog.....

Only for you Mike and MaryAnne.....

Only for you....



  1. oh my gosh, TOO FUNNY!!!
    My brother did the same thing to us (sort of) one year. He's a loyal Cowboys fan as well, and we are 49ers fans. He wrapped ALL of my kids' Chrsitmas gifts in Cowboys paper and sent them a month in advance so they would be sitting under the tree (making us all vomit!) all month! The funny thing was, inside the gigantic boxes were 49ers jerseys for all of my kids:)

  2. lol! I am loving Aaron hair by the way!


  3. Aaron, your shirt rocks. :) GO COWBOYS. :D

  4. This made me lol. My mom is a Redskin fan, my dad a Cowboys fan. My mom did it just to annoy my dad ;)

  5. GO COWBOYS!!!

    Oh wait a minute. The Cowboys blew it big time today. I grew up in Dallas and like most other Dallasites, I try to love them, but they sure do make it hard sometimes.

  6. I had to laugh at this one...especially since the Skins v. Cowboys game was all anyone talked about around here for the two weeks prior... :)

  7. Does this mean if I send Aaron a Penn State t-shirt you'll make him wear it too? He looks so good in blue! Much better than maroon and whatever those other Redskin colors are! hahaha

  8. Yuck!! Penn State???? Send him a UVA shirt!


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