Monday, October 24, 2011

I Wrote a Post

I wrote a blog post that I honestly don't want to share.  It is a post that I have written and re-written again and again.  I doubt I will ever truly get it right.  Aaron gave it to me.  Sitting in the car one afternoon with Elijah and me.  He started yelling for us to 'Look and See'.  It wasn't the first time he had called my attention to what was bringing him such joy but it was the first time that I realized the story behind his delight.  And I began to cry.  And the post came.  But I have yet to get it right.  Because of that and because of the content of the post, I want to set it aside.  I want to share the OTHER story - the one I alluded to last week - the one that will delight and encourage.  The one that shows God moving and working. 

But this morning, I realized that in order for you to fully grasp the OTHER post, I need to share Aaron's post first.  It is HIS post.  His story.  A part of his life living for a year in a special needs mental institute.  The harsh reality.  The agony he experienced.  Though the words stumble - though I can't refine it to my liking - I need you to read his story.  Then I will share the other one.



  1. I can't wait; though I am a little afraid.

  2. Oh, Julia, I just gotta say, I love your heart. Thank you for sharing it with all of us out here in the 'internetz'.
    Can't wait to read Aaron's post.

    -Beth in Atlanta

  3. I am sure this has been hard for you.


  4. God will use your word to speak perfectly to our hearts, no matter how much you continue to refine it. Anxious for you to share this story and praying that the peace that is beyond our understanding will enfold you once you've done so. God bless you, faithful servant!

  5. Your posts are so powerful and I know this post will be no different! Your posts open a lot of hearts and minds and I can't wait to see the mircales this post will do!

  6. Julia, we need to hear his story, tell others and save more with the same story. I so look forward to crying through his story with you.

  7. The words don't have to be perfect. I can't wait to read those two posts.

  8. Hi Julia, I wondered whether you had seen the documentary 'The Silent Minority' it was shown on British TV in the 1980's as an expose of conditions in the long stay hospitals for people with disabilities, here is a link I hope it works, if not try
    I am a special needs teacher, I teach adults with learning disabilities. The last long stay hospital in the UK shut in 2009, close to where I live, so I have students who lived there, hopefully in better conditions than shown in the film, but it was shut due to 'institutional abuse'. Certainly the two students I have taught who lived there, who have Down Syndrome, have no speech or signing and are very difficult to draw out of themselves. We are getting there though, I signed to one last week and he looked at me and smiled! First time I was acknowledged :) His Support Worker has managed to track down his sister who he last saw 12 yrs ago and I was signing to him about their visit:)
    Having watched the documentary, it's even more appalling to think that people with disabilities are still living lives such as that. Alice from the UK


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!