Thursday, October 6, 2011

Let's Celebrate!

Let's just take a moment people to stand up at our computers and do a happy dance!!  Come on and celebrate.  Baby J is going home.  The judge said yes. 


No longer an orphan.  Adopted from a region that was CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED. 


We have watched and ached and prayed for months now.  We cried out in shock and sorrow when the judge said NO to Kirill's adoption.  We stormed heaven for Evan and jumped up and down for joy when the judge agreed after two hard days of questioning.  We stood in awe as we watched the Supreme Court in Kirill's country overturn Kirill's ruling.  We praised God as we recognized the Mighty Acts He was doing for all the special needs orphans in that country through this wayward judge and her rulings. 

And now.  Now we party.  Because the third little one - Baby J - Juliana Sofia Moreno - is coming home. 

What an adventure.  What a lot of tears and sorrow but joy unspeakable.  We have been so privileged to take part in watching God move and act.  Not just for these three babes.  But for the thousands of others in that country who are stuck behind bars longing to be free. 

Let's party people!!  Let's party!


  1. God is so so good!


  2. Thank you, sweet Julia!!! We are indeed celebrating over at the Mo household! Can't wait to have her HOME!!! Love you! <3


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