Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Families = Simple Satisfaction

Here's the deal.  I struggle on a daily basis with knowing how in the world I can help the families who are scraping their pennies together to go get their kids.  I know that you guys get tired tired tired of my constant pleas!!  I know I sound like a broken record all the time.  Pleading for this family and this child. 

I can't help it.

I SAW where many of these babies will end up and it is THE driving force that calls me to stand with the families and fight for the kids.  Every single one of them deserves a home.  A family.  Love.  Every single one of them. 

I ache when I receive the never-ending flow of e-mails and read the blogs of families who are working overtime, selling everything they own and taking out loans to raise the ransom needed to bring their little ones home. 

I don't have enough money of my own to make a dent in all the pots of all the families.  Oh how I wish I did.  We drop in what we can and pray that others will join us in the giving. 

Honestly, I wish I had a huge Giveaway to encourage giving.  I wish I could fill this blog up with gifts to help raise money for the families.  I wish.  I don't have anything to give.   No big prizes.  No big incentives.  Just the simple satisfaction that every single drop in a bucket means the world to the families.  It tells them they are not alone.  It gives them the strength to go another day.  It offers them hope that God IS going to provide.  That is ALL I can give.  Simple satisfaction.

Want some?? Simple satisfaction??  The joy of giving without getting anything in return?  Giving to bless?  These families could give you some simple satisfaction.  Not an iPad.  Not a Kindle.  Not a gift card.  Just the simple satisfaction that on THIS Friday you blessed them with a gift.  No strings attached except to let them know they NEED to bring their babe home.  Simple satisfaction.  The knowledge that you made someone smile.  The joy of helping to fill up a bucket.  One donation at a time.

Mateo for the Moore Family

Adelyn for the Annessa Family
(They are having an awesome Giveaway on their blog!)

Bradley, Bryant and Brooks for the Deml family

Tommy and Steven for the Burman family

Charlotte for the Dirkes family.

Andrey for the Carmichael Family!

Lillian for the Brunswick Family

Eddie for the Evensen Family

Dillon for the Bittermann Family

Simple Satisfaction..... There are many other families besides these.... GO HERE TO MEET THEM...

P.S..... Did you see Artem's account?????




  1. Oh, Eddie has a family! I'm so thrilled! I haven't stopped thinking about him since you posted about him & Misha? last year. I'm SO glad for him!

  2. Thank you so much sweet friend - truly love your heart.


  3. Thank you so much for posting my Mateo and these other sweet babies waiting to come home! Your heart is so beautiful.

  4. You are not a broken record, but a good song set on repeat! Keep sharing, keep advocating! I know on FB sometimes I am probably obnoxious asking for donations for Lilianna, but I am a firm believer that every penny truly does count! Not only to help alleviate the costs, but to lift the spirits of families on this journey. Keep it up, Julia!

  5. Thank you so much for posting about our 3 boys! I truly appreciate all the support. Just seeing that we had over 100 hits from your blog made me feel so blessed. Thank you!


  6. Keep asking on behalf of the families. It puts these kids in front of our faces; some who we may have lost track of, because it becomes so hard to keep up with all of the precious little keep asking. The children deserve it. Thank You!

    Stephanie Lynch

  7. That was a wonderful post. There is hope. Even though the amount needed to adopt is vast, this shows it can be done.
    However, every time I see Artem my heart just breaks. Lu says he has been on the Angel Tree for most years. That is why his fund is so high. I know that God is lining up the right family for him, but sometimes I just wish He would hurry up!



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