Tuesday, November 15, 2011

He Sets the Lonely

He Sets the lonely...

He sets the lonely in families....


....the lonely...

the once orphaned...

...the abandoned...

the lost...

The Father of the Fatherless...

He sets them in families.


We prayed.  We cried.  We raised money.  We pleaded for a family for Jonah.

He started with 5 dollars in his account.  FIVE DOLLARS last December.  Donated by a little girl out of her Christmas money.

She wanted him to have a family.


His family didn't cross that large ocean because of him.

They weren't looking for a boy.  They were just going for Alina.

Approved for only one.  Money for only one.

Just Alina.

Sweet precious Alina.

But God sets the lonely in families... and he hears the cries of the righteous.

You.  Your prayers.  Your giving.  Your sacrifice.

They went for one but when they saw him.... when they saw Jonah... the Father of the Fatherless whispered into their ears - HE'S YOURS.  GET HIM.

They were only approved for one.

They only had the money for one.


And Jonah... Our Jonah...

He captured their hearts.

So they prayed.  And they looked in his account and they saw that JONAH'S GRANT FUND WAS EXACTLY WHAT THEY NEEDED.




And God removed ALL the barriers...

So that Jonah would never be a LOST BOY.

Because GOD sets the lonely in families.

And Jonah... now Vitaly (Tolly)..

And Alina...

They have been firmly set in a family.

And their family - THEIR FAMILY says Thank You.  

THANK YOU to all who gave so that when God whispered in their ear, they were able to obey.  


YOU helped set a child in a family.  

You helped set a child in a family.



  1. Oh My Goodness!!!! Wow!!!! Would type more but I can't see due to tears!!! Thank you for sharing Julia!!!

  2. This brings tears of joy to my eyes! My sweet Brynn had a heart that longed to see Jonah in a family. Our kids have prayed for Jonah almost every night from December until now. Brynn's seventh birthday party was a fundraiser for Jonah's account. Instead of gifts the kids brought money. And the amount those kids gave at the party is what bumped that amount over the $5000 mark. You should have seen my girl's face when she saw the grant amount jump from the four thousand mark over the five thousand mark. And when we heard your story of how that was just what, we all rejoiced together, and thanked God for the privilege of playing a small part in it. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures, and letting us see Jonah and Alina with their family!

  3. SO happy to see the little boy that grabbed a piece of my heart after meeting him has a family!!! What a beautiful family!

  4. Oh, how happy those photos make me! My husband and I (and many of our friends and family) prayed and cried and gave and pleaded for him to have a family. God intervened in many ways, until the family he had prepared for Jonah came to meet and love him. It was no accident, and I pray many blessings upon this family and yours.

  5. Oh I was HOPING AND PRAYING it was Jonah!!!!

    God is so faithful!


  6. BIG SMILES! That's exactly who I was guessing you were going to see! What a blessing to hug the ones you've prayed so long for.

  7. Oh Julia... I am SO happy that you got to meet our wonderful little (Jonah) Tolly!!! He is such a blessed little boy... such a blessed FAMILY!!! Tears of happiness this morning for a loving wonderful awesome God!

  8. LOVE TOLLY!!! And of course precious Alina too! Still in awe of Tolly's story!

  9. So happy that you got to meet (Jonah)Tolly!!! I had a feeling it was him! Oh what joy you must have felt to hold him!! God is AWESOME!!!

  10. LOVE IT! I was so hoping that's who it would be...and Aaron's little face looks GREAT!

  11. :) I got to see them at church on Sunday...but Tolly was in class so I didn't get to see him. Our families share a mutual best friend :) Isn't God just amazing?!!? He is ALWAYS able. We simply need ears to hear and courage to obey! Is Tolly blessed? Sure, but are Mary and Tom blessed? to the moon and back!

  12. Not gonna lie, a wee bit (or a lot) jealous. :) I am so happy you got to meet him. Thanks for sharing the great pictures.

  13. You just changed my started out crabby day to an excellent day. It puts everything back into perspective. Thank you for sharing!!! My heart is full for Tolly and Alina and their loving family!!!

  14. OH MY! Two of the kids on RR that I prayed daily for... What a happy happy ending! Thank you Jesus for providing. Hugs and kisses to all

  15. YAY!!!! We met Tolly and Alina (and Mary and Tom too, of course!) this summer in Kiev for a little park playdate. I am just thrilled to see them and see how well they are doing!

  16. I remember reading their story while they were in country. How grateful I am to get to see pictures of those little ones home with their family!

  17. Makes me cry! So beautiful!!! ♥♥ So happy you got to meet them!

  18. GOD is good!!! I am so happy for Jonah! I loved that little face from the first time I saw him, and have prayed for a very long time! Thanks for the update.

  19. That's soooo lovely. I donated just a small amount in the beginning to his fund (I never gave my name for the puzzle) and I keep thinking, my little donation is so futile... but I keep seeing Him work over and over again! My little futile donations... coupled with the multitudes of others, and so many little children have come home or are weeks or a few short months away from meeting their mommy and daddy!! I have to change my mindset... because every $1, every $5, every $10 DOES matter!!!

  20. That's an incredible story with such a happy ending. Wow. Thanks for sharing! =)


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