Wednesday, November 23, 2011


How can I reconcile this picture......

With this???

How can I look at my healthy, happy and vibrant sons...

And not weep when confronted with this 15 year old girl??

How can I spend my days complaining of all the things I do not have....

When I see the sorrow in this 10 year old child's eyes.

How can I go happy-go-lucky through my days,

When I am confronted with this...a twelve year old...


How can I reconcile my life and all that God has given me when I see this four year old?


How can I?

All these children.... all of them hanging on for life by a thread.  All of them in the same orphanage.  All of them in desperate condition.

All of them.

How can I go through my days without leaking tears constantly when I am forced to confront their reality?


I can because all of these children - all of them on this page - all of them have families who are working themselves into a frenzy to go get them.  All of them have Mama's and Papa's who are going to be crossing the ocean to bring them home.

All of them.

This one is already home.

Well... not quite home.  She is currently at the hospital.  Her Mama and Papa are keeping vigil by her side.

Loving every single bit of her tiny 9 1/2 year old body.

Nine years old.

Nine years.

Dear Lord.

I can go about my day rejoicing.  Giving THANKS.  Praising God.  Because HE HAS RAISED UP FAMILIES.  The tiny cries of these helpless, desperate children have been heard.  They are being rescued.  THANKS BE TO GOD!!

Thanks be to God.

But they are not the only ones.  Many are still waiting.  Trapped in their cribs.  Barely alive.  Desperately in need.



  1. Tears again, but they are happy least some of them are.

  2. Thanking God today that Katie is home and in a loving family who is working steadfastly with faith to change her life in every way. Also thanking God for the other families in pursuit of the other precious little ones in dire need of a good loving and Christ filled home.

    (I do believe I see a smile on Katie's face when looking at the nurse!!!) Praise God!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving Julia and family. I am especially thankful for the families like yours who generously give of your time and money to help save the least of these.

  3. Julia, I'm crying lookin at the Sousa Brown blog. Their other little girl is FIFTEEN. YEARS. FIFTEEN YEARS. she is the size of a child. I babysit children 1/5 her age, and twice her weight. We just have to keep on going, keep on advocating, and trust that in time, their families will come.

  4. Thank you, Julia, for giving your heart and your time to plead for these precious ones. I just came back from our first trip to meet our son at this orphanage in early November. I had the great privilege of meeting one of the boys above and seeing the other boy (Lord willing, soon to be his brother) through a window. The two of them were playing on the floor together, left in a room with other children for hours without any adult interaction. One other little boy in that room was teaching himself to walk, holding on to the wall. Later I saw that same tiny guy, sitting against the wall, sobbing and banging his head on the wall. I don't think I will ever be able to forget him. I pray I never will and can be a voice like you are for the voiceless. God cares about these precious children, and He is more than able to save them.

  5. I was weeping yesterday when Jenny posted that picture of their daughter too. How?? You are so right. How do we do this?

    Thanks for putting this post together.

  6. Julia-I am not sure I have ever posted on your blog but I wanted to thank you on this Thanksgiving eve for bringing your fierce love for these forgotten children into the world. I am a mom in California and have truly been blessed by witnessing and trying to help in anyway I can all of the families connected to Reese's Rainbow. While my family has not been called to adopt, I know that there are ways for me to be of greater service and I thank you for the daily reminder of the dire need.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!