Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Praises!


Yesterday, despite feeling quite lousy with a sore throat, earache and a headache.... Elijah sat for his Board of Review and passed.  He is now a LIFE SCOUT.

One step away from EAGLE.

I am beyond proud of him. 


He now has almost 14,000.00 in his grant account.

COME ON!!  Where's His Mama???


And here's a much needed praise for us personally....
We are constantly feeling like we are climbing uphill with all things related to BIBLIOPLAN.  We are in a mad dash to get all four years finished by next summer.  We have schools and homeschooling families who want what we have not finished writing yet.  Considering this is our livelihood... we feel desperate much of the time.  It is exhausting and overwhelming on an almost daily basis.

But... This week... we CAN rejoice because by the end of the week, the Modern Textbook will be FINISHED.


Hover Effect

Woo Hoo!!!

Of course the To-Do list is still a MILE long but TWO TEXTBOOKS DOWN, only TWO to go!!


And finally......

When Aaron fell on Friday, we were a bit freaked out because he fell on the stairs and nobody saw it happen.  Since he has been home, he has never fallen up or down the stairs.  He is extremely careful with stairs so this fall was a bit of shock to all of us.   While we were in the ER and Aaron was finally talking again (he went into shut-down mode for several hours), Ben and I asked him what happened. 

You have to understand that though Aaron talks from the time he wakes up, until he is sound asleep at night, his vocabulary is still quite a bit limited.  He tried to tell us why he fell.  It involved something BIG and something YELLOW and going up one step and then Aaron fell. 

Big, yellow something. 

Our dog Summer???


Aaron knows her name and would have told us if she had knocked him down. 

The cats are shades of black and are small so they were out of the running.

The dump truck he was playing with was yellow but it was in the driveway.

The brick steps are red.


Ben and I looked at each other and scratched our heads.  We had absolutely no idea what caused him to fall.  Despite pantomining and Aaron repeating his story several times we were totally clueless...

Until yesterday.  Aaron, the MIGHTY, was back outside happily playing.  I went to check on him and he pointed to the BIG YELLOW HULA HOOP at his feet and said "Big, Yellow, Mama."

AHHHHH... Aaron was trying to get the BIG YELLOW HULA HOOP up the stairs in case it rained.  Not that there was a cloud in the sky but our little paranoid weatherman is never too careful about the possibility of the stinky rain getting his things wet.  So he decided the BIG YELLOW HULA HOOP needed to be on the porch!! 

And that Big Yellow Hula Hoop got the best of our MIGHTY Aaron!!

It beat the tar out of him!!

And that my friends is what happened....

Honestly - we were relieved. 

To know that it wasn't just because he had been unsteady but had instead gotten tangled up in the Hula Hoop made us feel somewhat better about the accident.

And between you and me.....I think from now on Aaron will just let the Hula Hoop get wet!!


  1. Gosh, that makes me just cry! I know how it feels to not be able to stop a fall! Now, I can keep from falling on my face, but I DO forget that I'm missing a leg (or foot) and sometimes just fall. Not as much as I did in the beginning, but every once in awhile. And, yesterday I somehow tipped backwards in my wheelchair and I KNEW I couldn't stop the fall! Sheer terror! Not to mention hitting the back of my head on concrete. It really hurt. So seeing Aaron's sweet little face just made me wince. Kiss that sweet face for me! Hugs ~ Jo

  2. Julia we absolutely love your BiblioPlan curriculum and are so excited you are working on finishing the other books. You can count on the Burmans using this curriculum for many a years as we have a few kids still to go through it:)

  3. Glad to know the cause, thankful he is on the mend! YAY on the book being finished.

  4. I just love your heart, Julia. I don't read here nearly as often as I should but I had to come see the video you were talking about in an earlier post. Goodness, it was wonderful to see the happiness on faces but it made me so sad to see the little boys there.

  5. So glad he is okay and you continued to problem solve.
    praying for Artem's family to find him this holiday season!

  6. I hope Aaron does let that Hula Hoop get wet! I hate the pictures of his banged up face. :(


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