Saturday, November 19, 2011

Wiped Out

Aaron is bouncing around here today like he didn't just spend 12 hours in the Shriner's van and 7 hours at the hospital yesterday. 

Me - I am totally wiped out. 

On days like today I feel like I am just way too old to be doing all of this!!

Our day at Shriner's was good.


Meet Carolyn and Madeline...Another Reece's Rainbow family!!!

Madeline and Aaron are from the same country - adopted only a few months apart.

Their family prayed Aaron home.  Our family prayed Madeline home. (They then went back several months later to get Ethan).

As soon as Caroline and I saw each other - we hugged  like long-lost sisters.

I had a hard time keeping my tears back.  Precious moments with my sister-in-Christ.

Madeline is a total sweetheart.  Oh My Goodness.

She's also tiny.

And when we put her next to Aaron to take their picture..... She did what any sweet girl would do when placed next to the most handsome boy on the block....

She threw her little arm around him to hug him.

And he promptly growled at her!!

Never fear though... once she removed her arm.... He recovered....

How could he not with the prettiest girl on the block sitting next to him???

Oh Sweet Madeline.  You stole my heart yesterday!!

Aaron and I went from doctors to therapists to doctors to orthotics to therapists throughout the day!!


What we learned....

Aaron's feet .... are doing well.  He was fitted for some short braces that he will be able to wear during the day!  Woo Hoo!!  The long braces will be for nighttime use only!

Aaron's right arm ....looks great in terms of position... but the surgery did not accomplish what we hoped... He can't reach his mouth with his hand without one of us doing it for him.  Since that was the point of the surgery.... well...

So..... starting in January, we will make the 12 hour trek once a week for several months of serial casting on his arm. 

It will have to be done S.L.O.W.L.Y and G.EN.T.L.Y.

It will take at least 2 months, maybe more.

Of course it will happen during the worst part of winter when snow and ice will threaten every week.

BUT - last year, during the same time, we survived 4 solid months of weekly trips up to Shriner's for his feet and we WILL survive these trips too...

Because God will provide and this little guy.... despite all his orneriness is worth it....


  1. Oh my goodness! She is so beautiful! They are both so precious! What a wonderful gift to be able to visit with someone whom you have found through your adoptions! LOVE your blog always!

  2. Madeline is just beautiful!!!!! Wow she looks so happy. :) Makes my heart just sing praises. :)

  3. Oh, sweet Aaron! He is worth it all and your such a great mother! It is hard to make those long hauls but he's so worth it! And Madeline is so pretty, what a blessing she must be to her family!

  4. Is there a Physical therapist locally that could do the serial casting? Maybe we are just really blessed with phenomenal therapists, but ours did all our little one's casting right in the office. Prayers for all the traveling when it happens.

  5. I SO cherished our little visits Julia. And Aaron I promise I'll teach Madeline to behave and not to be so forward :)You have to admit,or will in about eight years, you make a sweet couple.
    We' will meet again for sure. I am looking forward to it my dear sister!
    Happy Thanksgiving to your family!

  6. Glad you are home!!! Glad your appt went well and yeah for short braces!!! Sorry to hear weekly trips again, but know that this too shall pass!

  7. Praise God for dedicated parents who do what is uncomfortable for their little ones! How special to meet other RR families! The kids are precious.

  8. I love the picture of the 2 of them together.... Glad all the appointments went well... Please know that you have a lot of people praying for you.... We will pray for each of your trips also....

  9. My favorite thing about Madeline is when she rattles off all her brothers and sister's names. :) I see a very cute couple in these two... ;)

  10. Madeline is a doll! She has the same sweet smile from her RR photo.

    You are a wonderful mom who I truly admire.

  11. What a blessing to meet up!! Tears in my eyes as I read your post. HOw beautiful they are and to see them next to each other is just seeing the hand of the Lord. What wonderful childen and families! I love you guys!
    Sandy (your friend in Raleigh)

  12. I loved seeing pictures of Madeline and Aaron together. The first one with Aaron looking not so pleased is so cute and funny. Two amazing children!

  13. ..... and he growled. oh aaron, you are acting your age. grin.

    what wonderful children. thanking God for bringing their families to bring them home.


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