Friday, December 2, 2011

Bleeding Heart on this Fatherless Friday

It has been confirmed.  My Spencer was transferred.

Seriously people - Does this little guy look like he belongs in a mental institute???

Will you weep with me? 

Will you PLEASE share his picture?

Will you PLEASE tell people about him?

He's a LOST BOY unless someone goes and gets him.

He is now with Brent.  


So is Robyn.... All indications are that she too has been transferred... SHE'S A LOST GIRL..

It hurts.

We saw.

We know.

Transfer Stinks.

My heart is bleeding on this Fatherless Friday.

Bleeding for all these babes and more.

                             Yegor                                        Sergei                                     Spencer 
                           $225.00                                        $1,834.00                               $686.00
       Yegor's Christmas Warrior                Sergei's Warrior                    Spencer's Warrior- ME!!

         Robyn                                    Dimtry                                      Mark 
                                   $1035.00                                $507.00                                      $653.00
                      Robyn's Warrior                         Dimtry's Warrior

Meredith                                      Nikita                                       Paul 
                               $655.00                                     $355.00                                  $177.00
                        Meredith's Warrior                   

                                  Jin Wu                                     Arina                                   Danila 
                                $1,079.00                                 $182.00                                 $675.00
                       Jin Wu's Warrior                                                                  Danila's Warrior

The babes abandoned at birth.  The ones nobody wants.  The Passed Over ones even on the Angel Tree.  

Dear Lord.

My heart isn't into repeating the Giveaway information today... 
Click here and here if you need reminders of what is being offered.

Please keep giving.  Please. 

THANK YOU to the 55 people who have given.  Thank you.

$1345.00 has been raised so far.

Please please please pray for these sweet babes.  Pray for them.  Tell everyone you know about them.  Help get their grant accounts up so that a family or two or three or THIRTEEN will have the path made clear to GO GET THEM!


  1. This breaks my heart :( Praying for them!

  2. My heart just split in two yesterday when I saw Andrea's post... Spencer has been one I love, too...

  3. The Salvatore Family donated $5.00 to Mark, Robyn, & Spencer's account. Praying for families to come forward.

  4. Oh no!!they were both in Mia's orphanage

  5. my heart is broken for Spencer, how I wish I could cross the ocean....
    I just donated (bought) and ornament from the Reeces Rainbow Christmas tree for his account...maybe when my husband sees in face on our tree...oh maybe oh maybe....

  6. I am having trouble donating on the tree. I had all the kids accounts lined up but i could not get the thing would not let me update as a whole total. Could you help me? I was only able to donate to Robyn, Ty and Spencer. I was trying to donate 5.oo to all of them. Also, Could you look at Harrison (49) He is on the Angel Boy's List 6-9. He's deaf. That's it. I'm the only one to put money in his account. We cannot adopt. Otherwise he would have adopted him long ago. Thanks
    Rebecca J. Koenig

  7. I just bought an ornament of Meredith for my daughter Tatumn, can you add us to your list?

    We have made it a tradition to have each of our girls choose angels from the Angel Tree and they get to keep the ornaments. Tatumn chose Meredith this year. Autumn chose Nicky Z, Matalie chose Sophia K and I chose Melanie for my Raimie because they are the same age. I think Nicky and Sophia have also been on the Angel Tree for a couple of years. Matalie has an ornament of Sophia from last year and chose to keep her again this year. The picture is different, I think.

  8. Transferred? Oh no, precious boy...PLEASE will someone bring him home <3

  9. Donated today!! 10$ each to Robyn and Spencer (the two babes just transferred) :( and 5$ each to Arina, Paul and Yegor.

    Praying for these kids. I think this exposure for the ones most in need of it is a GREAT idea.

  10. Also posted a link to your give-away on FB for them.


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!