Friday, December 16, 2011



                                                         Paul                                        Nikita
                                                       $1000.00                                   $1001.00 

                            Danila                                     Yegor                                            Arina
                        $1000.00                                  $1000.00                                     $1115.00  
                        Danila's Warrior              Yegor's Christmas Warrior  

                               Dimtry                               Brent                                         Mark 
                             $1000.00                             $1288.00                                   $1,000.00
   Robyn                                   Jin Wu                                   Sergei
                                $2549.00                              $1,654.00                                 $2329.00
 Robyn's Warrior                       Jin Wu's Warrior                    Sergei's Warrior   

                                 Meredith                                 Artem                                      Spencer
                                $1080.00                               $5,555.00                                 $1456.00
      Meredith's Warrior                 Artem's Warrior                 Spencer's Warrior- ME!!


All FIFTEEN babes have jumped the wall.

Thank you!!

When this whole Giveaway started... I struggled each day to find the Passed Over Babes amidst all the other babes on the Angel Tree.  I had to look carefully through the rows to find my kids.  It took a lot of time each day to find each of them on the tree.

But in the same way that I can pick my boys out of a crowd of hundreds...recognizing them through a Mama's eyes of Love.... within a week, I began to SEE the Passed Over Babes.

Their pictures jumped out at me.  I could spot them quickly and easily as I scrolled down the tree.

They had worked their way into my heart.

I can't bring any of those Passed Over Babes home, but I am not going to stop caring, praying and longing for them to find families.

They will not be forgotten just because the Angel Tree is done.

They are MY Babes now.



Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!