Saturday, December 31, 2011

To See Them...

I know many of you want me to give the next installment of Aaron's Christmas.

I've had some e-mails from some disgruntled followers that I am leaving you hanging.

I was even called "cheeky" by one follower who will not be named.

But, there are still 37 Angel Tree Babes who have not reached their goal of getting over the $1,000.00 wall.

Thirty Seven babes who NEED to be seen.

It is not just about the money.

Ivan S. (region 8)  Callie  Savannah 

It is about being seen.

Lianne (33) Elias 3G Sally 26HA

Really seen.

Trey 2H Nanette Daniel 2H

Having people SEE these babes who are laying in cribs across Eastern Europe and Asia.

Abbott 3G Alexander A 5G Jaxon 15

They are helpless.  Defenseless.

They are voiceless.

Sophia E 1C Henry Vitaliy T.

Unless people SEE them.  See their plight.  See their need.

Garrett 26HA   Orion

Unless they are seen... they will continue to lay there.

Stuck in their cribs.

Helpless and defenseless.

Dorothy Matthias 2H Andy

We have to do whatever we can to be their voice.  Shout their need from the rooftops.

 Daniel 3G Percy (Asia)

To call the church into action.

Randy 2H Timothy (Asia) Orson

To Pray.


To love.

  Tory 15H Alexander I. (fcmd-8)

To Give.

Ruben Darby 2H Emily 15H

To raise up families.

James 2H Nicole 26HA Penelope 9HA

So the next Aaron installment is going to have to wait.

 Turner (2011) Dennis

So that on this last day of 2011 - You get one more chance to SEE the 2011 Angel Tree Babes who have been left behind.

See them.

Yesterday over $4,000.00 was raised for these babes.  Twelve of them jumped the wall.

I wish you could have heard the shouts from the Warriors mud room each time another one was pulled over the wall.

It has been a mighty battle.

Today it ends.

We're just a bunch of little David's facing a rather BIG GOLIATH.

We need $11,000.00 + dollars to finish the job.

More than that - We need these 37 babes to be given a voice across the nation.

They need to be seen.

Will you help spread the word?

Will you consider digging deep and donating to one or two or more of these babes?

Help pull some more of them over the wall?

Join with all us little David's???





  1. Love your heart for the babies! And lets make it clear, I was NOT the one who called you least not out loud!


  2. There were some mighty shouts yesterday!! I hardly left the computer to feed my own brood!Poor Emmie was in the snack closet rummaging through cereal boxes! We're so close!! People spend $11,0000 daily on crazy things, like shoes and bags, how about a life. Someone has got to be out there!!!

  3. ohh, my sweet Daniel 2H the boy I thought IF we ever adopted, it would be him. my heart weighs heavy for them all.

  4. This made me tear up! When I saw little Sophia jump, I danced for joy! Lets get these other babes over that wall!!

  5. Well, I guess I'd better specify that it was my husband and not me that called you cheeky! LOL :)

    And this year's warriors have given new meaning to the name warrior. What an amazing bunch of people! We're going to have a meet up in erm... England! LOL So they can ALL call you cheeky! LOL

    Love you dear friend!

  6. Julia,
    In honor of all you do to advocate for these kids and how your blog has affected me, I made a donation to Spencer today to get him over the next hurdle. We need to find that little sweetie a family soon!!!

    Sue - WI


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