Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mama's Art

What do you get when your cast is boring old white???

You get Mama art!!

It might not win any Art Awards but Aaron likes it!!

I wonder what Mama will come up with next week???

Aaron and I are dragging out of bed again tomorrow morning at 1:30 am for round two at Shriners!  We PLAN on getting in and out as fast as we can since we are only seeing ONE doctor (amazing) and just getting the cast removed and replaced.  Would love some prayers as we travel to Philly and back.  Last week we drove through a good bit of snow which was a surprise. 

For a bit of Aaron trivia.... For the first 16 van rides - Aaron refused to sleep.  I tried everything from bribes to penalties but nothing worked.  He could not stop watching the cars and trucks on the road.  We would lay his seat back, get everyone in the van to stop talking, tell him to sleep... etc. etc.

Nothing worked.

He would sleep for five minutes and then be up and watching the happenings outside his window.

When Aaron doesn't sleep - Mama doesn't sleep and it made for 16 very very miserable van rides.

In desperation I went to extreme measures...

A blindfold.
On ride 17 I put a blindfold on him and told him it was time to sleep.  I was so worried about traumatizing him though that I only laid it on top of his eyes and then removed it a few minutes later for fear he was laying there freaked out.  He was sound asleep.  Gone.  I didn't believe it.  I thought he was pretending so I sat there and waited for him to move.  Nothing.  He slept until the drivers stopped for a rest break.  Two hours of bliss.

Of course I didn't sleep because I was too busy waiting for his little head to pop up.

Last week... We didn't just lay that old blindfold on his head.  We tied it on.  He promptly went to sleep.  It eventually worked its way off but he was sleeping so we left it off.  When the drivers stopped  and he woke up... we just tied it back on and he fell right back to sleep.  He slept the entire way to Philly.

Woo Hoo for Blindfolds!!

Woo Hoo for Sleeping Aarons!!

Woo Hoo....

We will see if it works tomorrow!!


  1. That is funny (the blindfold)! I was wondering if you could cover the window of the van or use a sleep mask but the blindfold seems to work :) probably look like you are kidnapping him but if it works don't change it :).

  2. Praying for your safe travels and for your strength as you make these many weeks of travel back and forth. Love the blindfold trick!

  3. Julia-

    There are very soft blindfolds at Brookstone that my husband and I use for sleep and they are soft and super squishy. (We are both very light sensitive.) they are made of that tempur pedic stuff. If Aaron has any complaints about the texture of your eye shade, check these out!

    (BTW, I read your blog weekly. I follow many RR families in prayer anf through blogs...I didn't want you to think some random woman out in the blogosphere was recommending things...well, actually, I kind of am random to you, but have been reading your blog for a long time...and really appreciate your advocacy!)

    reader/mom in Los Angeles

  4. Oh my goodness! I can't stop laughing about the blindfold! I'll be praying!!

  5. Too cute! Praying for safe travels and quick visits!


  6. How did you get the blindfold idea?? That's so awesome!

  7. Love the blindfold! We're praying for you guys.

  8. Great idea with the blindfold! Block out anything that might overstimulate him! Perfect! Praying for you all!


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