Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Doctor is Where???

Last Monday Aaron and I dragged ourselves out of bed at 2:00 am for our weekly trip to the Shriners Hospital in Philly...

We ate breakfast when we arrived and then headed to the waiting room.

Aaron zombied himself in front of the TV (we don't have cable so Aaron has to get his cartoon fix at the Shriner's hospital).

I enjoyed chatting with several Moms with their sweet babes....
(these pictures were taken a few weeks ago but they are on the same weekly schedule we are so we get to chat every week)

Aren't these the cutest kids in the world???



I love getting to know the other AMC parents and kids!!!

So there I was... waiting for Aaron to be called back to see Dr. Z.

The nurse had already called another little one back who was seeing Dr. Z so I was just waiting for them to call Aaron back.  She came out to tell me Aaron was next.

Since Dr. Z wasn't on the floor, she then called him on his cell phone to let him know that his patients were on the floor and waiting for him to arrive.



At a Conference.

He was NOT in the hospital.  Not in the country.  He was far far far away across the ocean.

We traveled 6 hours to discover that our doctor was in Belgium.

No I did not throw a fit.  I actually laughed.  It was honestly funny.  I mean BELGIUM???

Of course the reality of a wasted trip was NOT lost on me.

12 hours in a Shriners Van is not my definition of fun.

But we have been given SO MUCH from Shriners.  They have taken care of Aaron is such an amazing way this past year.... We just can't get too upset over a TINY blooper like not realizing that the doctor is in Belgium!!

Of course we are definitely hoping that it will be a one-time incident... I mean... how many times do you go to Conferences in Belgium???

The intern tried to step into Dr. Z's shoes.

And though he was as nice as could be and did his very best...

Dr. Z IS Dr. Z!!

We missed him.

We go back up on Monday.  

Yes...we have double...triple...quadruple checked.  

Dr. Z WILL be in the building!!

Good thing... Aaron fell yesterday and busted his cast apart.



  1. I can't imagine!! you have a great sense of humor :) I don't think I could have been so nice! Hope he didn't hurt himself :)
    see you on the 14th! :)

    1. Oh Nancy - We won't be there for the Feb. 14th party!! We go on the 13th that week! Boo Hoo.

  2. Dear Julia,

    Been following your blog for quite some sorry to hear of the mix up at the Dr. office! What a long trip to drive...

    I couldn't find an email to email you personally...I had some questions for you about Aaron, arthrogryposis, and some of the kids you've featured on your blog. We are planning to adopt from EE- have started the first step of the process and would love to get some "everday life and medical needs" info. from you.

    Thanks so much...I love your blog and pray for the kids you bring to light here.


  3. WHAT??? Oh brother, that is hilarious (in retrospect, I'm sure). I guess they just overlooked the one minor detail...

  4. Just a slight oversight, lol! Sometimes you gotta just laugh...better than the alternative!


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