Friday, February 24, 2012

Fatherless Friday

We are internet-less at our house!!  But I refuse to let that stop me from doing a Fatherless Friday so I am here at the library!!  So forgive me if this post is all over the place... I'm typing fast..

She is now at $8.624.00. 

Don't stop people!!  Let's get her fully funded!! 

Yes I am dreaming big for my Sunshine Girl. 

Don't forget.... When you drop money into her account - go HERE to let Mandy know and you will be entered into the Sunshine Girl Giveaway!!

And Dear Sweet Laurel's Grant Account continues to rise too...

She is now at $5353.00.

Go Laurel Go!!

Keep giving people.  Please please please keep sharing her picture.  God is stirring in hearts. 

He is on the move!!

On Wednesday I shared about THREE MILITARY families who are working together to raise what they need to bring home FOUR BABES.

They are stationed in Germany so they can't do yard sales and lemonade stands.  They are dependent upon the CHURCH to step up!  These are men and women who are sacrificing for the freedoms we take for granted every day.   They are also sacrificing everything to bring four desperate orphans into their homes.

Many of you gave on Wednesday which meant that they DOUBLED  what they had previously had donated.  Come on people - LET'S QUADRUPLE TODAY.  THREE FAMILIES benefit from this Giveaway.  So far they have only raised $2,000.00.  For three families that is NOT going to go very far.  Seriously. 

This is Finn. He is one of the sweet babes they are bringing home.

Will you help them??

And here's another Giveaway that just plain makes me sad....

This family has raised $10.00 from their Giveaway to bring this sweet babe home.

This is Vinnie and I KNOW we can do better than $10.00 to get him home!!

Their Giveaway is worth $400.00 DOLLARS!! 

Will you go HERE and consider helping??


I don't know how many people remember me hollering for this sweet boy over a year ago...


After a lot of advocating for him, a family committed to get him and we all rejoiced and praised God.  But it was discovered right before they were leaving the country that he was not truly released for adoption.  It was a confusing mess for all involved and poor Alexander had to be released by that family.  They adopted another little guy who definitely needed a family to go get him.  When Alexander's paperwork was fixed - he was again listed on RR.  AND HE NOW HAS A FAMILY!!  I'm so thankful.  Though I haven't posted about him I've been whispering prayers often.  Please pray that no more paperwork snafu's happen so that Alexander can make it safely across the waters this time. 


  1. It has been a wonderful week of watching these grants grow! I can't wait to celebrate when Laurel and Bernadette have families!

  2. I cannot thank you enough for donating and sharing Vinnie and our giveaway on your blog, yet it's all I have. Than you!!!!! An amazing day... So grateful.

  3. Hey there - I just wanted to let you know that last night I worked on Jack's fundraiser post and it is now live!

    Thank you for letting me use your pictures! :)


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