Sunday, February 26, 2012

Rock Star

It blows me away sometimes.

How many people LOVE our son.

I mean the boy is a ROCK STAR.

He has a following that crosses the globe.

He has grown men who will drive all the way from Richmond (an hour away) on their motorcycles to bring him a SHRINERS HAT and a SHRINERS SHIRT.

Grown men who love him.

And Aaron just takes it in stride.

Five men on large and loud and beautiful motorcycles who come all the way to see him, bearing gifts, and he just smiles his trademark smile, offers his trademark "thank yous", and then proceeds to show them that HIS BIKE is better!!

Look what MY BIKE can do!!

And they were quite impressed indeed.

Then, as fast as they came... They left...

Five men on their motorcycles.  

Five men who love one little boy.

And one little boy who thinks those men are pretty cool for bringing him a hat and shirt.

They drove away on their motorcycles leaving behind one very happy little boy...


  1. The 2nd to last picture is classic!!

    Aaron is definitely a rock star!

  2. Very cool! Everyone I have ever talked to that has ever heard about Reece's Rainbow, Ukraine adoptions, etc. have heard of Aaron....he has a following and I am proud to be one of his groupies!!

  3. HOW WONDERFUL!!!!!!!! I'm sure Aaron was ( and is ) very happy =)

  4. So much joy! Amazing how he has touched so many lives!


  5. Awwww...this made me smile so much! Aaron is one blessed little boy!

  6. He's something special Julia, you and I both know that. I talked about him in my grad school interview with a psychologist who is an expert on attachment and trauma and we both said "there is no reason why he should be as OK as he is. There is no reason he should be as well adjusted."


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!