Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cheer Them On!

Did you see these?  The Pick a Child Giveaways that are in our Giveaway????


Win one of these Giveaways and you get to choose ANY waiting child on Reece's Rainbow who does NOT have a family and 90% of the money will be donated into that child's grant account with the other 10% going to Reece's Rainbow Voice of Hope fund.

1. $250.00 to a waiting child of the winner’s choice
2.  $100.00 to a waiting child of the winner's choice
3.   $50.00 to a waiting child of the winner’s choice

I don't know about you but I think the Pick a Child is a BRILLIANT idea and I can say that because it was NOT cooked up by me.  One of the donors asked if her money could be used in that way and I laughed out loud.  What a beautiful beautiful beautiful Giveaway.

I know that in essence whoever wins these three Giveaways doesn't get to walk away with a prize.

But what they do get to walk away with is the privilege of blessing another child.

And they can choose ANY child on Reece's Rainbow that does NOT have a family.  That child does not have to be part of this Giveaway.

When we were setting up this Giveaway and praying and deciding which children and families would be part of it - I can't tell you how many e-mails we received from those who wanted us to include their special someone.  It broke my heart to not include every single request.  We tried.  We prayed.  We agonized.  We grieved.

My ONE consolation was that we had three Giveaways that WOULD benefit three other children.  $400.00 dollars worth of love to spread around.

So come on.... Donate something to someone on this Sunday morning.  Bless a family.  Bless a child.  And maybe YOU can win the PICK A CHILD Giveaway.


We have raised $2305.00 so far.  Forty people have donated to the Giveaway. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!


Yesterday one of the families received their first donation.  So far that is all they have received.  It was a small donation but they were so blessed by that gift.  It meant so much.  To be noticed.  To have someone care.  To know that their child is loved.  Your donations speak VOLUMES to the families.  If all you have to give them is $5.00 - please do.  A few of the families haven't received any donations at all.  That's hard.  They seriously need to know that there is a community standing behind them - cheering them on.  Let's shower them with blessings on this Sunday!!

Donate to the Heim Family
The Unroe family
The Archer family
 The Carpenter family
The Burman family
The Menges family  
 The Duncan family
The Booth family
The Brown family


"A Common Stew for an Uncommonly Good Cause!"



  1. We want to win one of the RR donations!! Such a meaningful gift! Donated $10 to the Menges family from the Ristow 7.

  2. Just donated $10 to Maria/Heim family.
    Then $10 each to Menges family, Duncan family, Heath, and Hanson. Total of $50.

    Thanks for helping these kids !!

  3. I gave $5 to the Heim family and $10 to Victoria! Unfortunately I am a college student and this is all I could afford. I wish I could have given more. :-/

    My email address is My name is Leah Zander.

  4. Leah - THANK YOU FOR YOUR DONATION!! I admire every college student who gives up 15.00 for the Least of These!!

  5. We just gave 20 to the Heim family

  6. I forgot to mention - that when looking at the prizes - I saw the cool stuff, thought it would be nice to win any of it - but the RR donations REALLY caught my eye - what a wonderful idea ! My only question is - would the total have to go one waiting child, or could it be split among a few ? I would have SO much fun if I won one of those prizes !! :)

  7. I think you could probably negotiate with whomever has the Pick a Child Giveaway... I KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO DO WITH THE MONEY!!

  8. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Pick a Child Giveaway! I wish that I had thought of that... maybe next time :). This giveaway is going to be amazing!

  9. Added to my donation. $100 in total to four of the families.

    Sue H.

  10. Love the pick a child giveaway! I would LOVE to win that!!!

  11. I posted Laurel on my FB page and donated $25 to her as well. I am so dying to see this sweet girl adopted. I have been praying if we are that family, but only God knows at this point. I am not interested in the gifts, just put me down for the "pick a child" You are right, Brilliant idea!! :) Blessings, Sue G.

  12. I gave $10 to the Heim family and $10 to Bernadette's fund on RR. I also shared her link on Facebook. Thanks!

    Lauren Burrows

  13. Hello! I donated to the Heims. In total i donated $50. Cannot wait to meet these kids!

  14. Hi! I just donated $10 to the Heims and $30 to the Unroe family on RR. Will also share this link.. I wish I could donate to them all.. will pray for them all...

    Anne Ross

  15. Hello! I donated to the Heims as well as 3 of the other families for a total of $75. Wish it could be more, but hope it helps! I am considering adding a RR child to my family and hope to be able to lead my own "Rescue Mission" soon!


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!