Julia, if you could please let everyone know how very thankful we are I would appreciate it so much. 
Sunday, April 1st is the birthday for Keith and Ahnja.  It is another birthday missed (for Ahnja her 10th!) for us and them.  My heart is bleeding this weekend so horribly bad.  I know that Keith is in a place where weekends mean little to no care at all.  I HATE WEEKENDS!  I dread weekends to the point that I feel ill on Fridays.  I hate to think of where he is and him laying there all alone.  Keith will be turning 5 and will be totally uncelebrated, unnoticed, and uncared for there.  Here we are longing to love him and show him what life should be like.  Please say a special prayer for him today.  Pray that he gets a bottle and that they change his diaper today.  Oh how my heart breaks!
You all have no idea what an encouragement you have been to us.  The devil has been thumping on us for weeks.  I was sure we would be the ones who messed up the fundraiser by not meeting the goal of $2,000.  It was Friday and I was ready to bury my head in the sand.  Right about then the numbers started to change quickly and emails came that encouraged me more than you can ever understand.  I told Julia that she might have to come to Ohio and pick my chin up because I was in utter disbelief. 
You very much have helped us with the cost of the adoption, but you helped us with so very much more.  What was raised through this will pay for 1 adult and 2 kids' tickets!  That is HUGE!  We have 3 adults and 5 kids tickets to purchase at the time of year that the ticket prices are the highest.  The awesomeness (is that a word?) of what you all have done for our family is HUGE in the financial sense, but the encouragement that you have given us was a God send!
THANK YOU SO INCREDIBLY MUCH!!  You helped us start celebrating Keith and how much he is loved.  On his birthday the Hidden Treasures Auction begins and we will celebrate him again.  Knowing that so many people care about our tiny little boy who has been forgotten and in isolation for so long is wonderful.  There aren't words to thank you enough. 
Love in Christ and so Thankful for How He's Used Each Of You,
Amanda Unroe