Friday, June 1, 2012

Faithful to the Fatherless

I know.... My title is wrong.  This is supposed to be Fatherless Friday.

It is Fatherless Friday.

But today on this day I want to highlight two amazing women who have been Faithful to the Fatherless.

I want you to meet these women and the KIDS WHO HAVE CAPTURED THEIR HEARTS!

SEE THESE TWO GIRLS.... Look at their grant accounts.... They have that much money in their accounts because of the yelling and fundraising and prayers and advocating of one very special woman.  Her name is Leah and she has faithfully hollered for families to come for these two girls for well over a year.  Every day.  Begging for donations.  Trying to raise awareness.  Praying that families would rise up.  I LOVE LEAH.  She is barely 20 years old and has her heart clearly in the right place.  

                                 CORA LYNN                                                                CELINE
$4,562.00                                                                $10,4390.00

But she doesn't just advocate for Cora Lynn and Celine.... Nope...


So she has been fundraising and yelling and praying and hollering for him.

Leah has been yelling for OUR LOST BOY.


But that isn't all... Leah is forever hollering for the families who are adopting, she is always donating and raising money for anyone in need, she was a HUGE supporter of our Mulligan Stew and she advocates for other kids besides these three. And on top of all that... she volunteers at a Pregnancy Center and she STINKING PUTS ME TO SHAME.

Does she get discouraged.  ABSOLUTELY.  Yelling for kids for over a year and seeing their grant accounts grow but seeing NO ONE EVER ASKING OR STEPPING UP TO ADOPT THEM is heartbreaking and some days Leah's heart breaks.  

I wish I could hand families to her on a silver platter.  I wish we would see Cora Lynn and Celine and Heath on the My Family Found Me Page.  


I'm looking for THREE FAMILIES to step up and answer the call...



Will a FOURTH FAMILY step up and get this little one...


She has a mighty warrior too - her name is Stephanie!  She has been yelling her heart out too!!  

She has raised money, advocated, begged, prayed.... and so far to no avail!!  Carina waits.

Or course like Leah, Stephanie doesn't just yell for Carina... Nope... that would be too easy... She is constantly hollering and yelling and donating and praying for the other families and kids out there who need help!!

But always... always.. yelling for her sweet Carina.

And right now she is discouraged and frustrated because No One is seeing the treasure hiding behind that sad little face!!

Stephanie speaks from experience when she begs for people to see the treasure that is in Carina... She has her own treasure and I am blessed to get to read about and see pictures of her treasure on her blog.  Her treasure's name is EMMA and she has rocked her family's world!  I stole a picture off her blog so you could see her too.... 

Don't you just wish that Carina and Heath and Cora Lynn and Celine were someone's treasures?  How precious it would be to see pictures of the four of them with upside down glasses, laughing and rocking the world's of their families....

Would that I could call out four families to adopt each of these babes.  

Why have these kids waited so long?  All four of them have HUGE grant accounts.  All four of them have had prayers poured over their heads.  All four of them have  been advocated for over and over and over again.


Where are the families for these four treasures???  

Does not anyone see their value?  Their worth?

Will no one hear the voices of these faithful yelling for the fatherless?  




  1. Great post, Leah and Steph work tirelessly advocating for these kids!

  2. Thank you Jesus for Leah! I too wonder how these beautiful children don't have a family. There is going to be some big celebrating when we see thn on mffm!

  3. wow I totally did not expect to see this post this morning! After writing a post about being encouraged. My eyes are certainly not dry after reading your post! I also admire Stephanie, she has done so well for Carina. I certainly could have not done all I do without the support of a loving God & all my friends & family! Not to mention you my friend! I hope to meet you some day in real life & give you a big hug!

  4. Celine is gorgeous! Twice my husband and I planned to commit to her and twice other circumstances have stopped us. I know she has a family out there and have made it my goal to find them by Christmas this year. Leah and I are going to be continuing fundraising for her and the others and praying faithfully for families to come. If anyone wants to know about Celine please ask RR about her! I have inquired about her and would bring her home in a heartbeat if I was able but sadly I cannot and she doesn't deserve to wait a day longer in a institution.

  5. I am blessed to know Leah and to get to be inspired by her often. She is a tireless advocate with a heart full of love and compassion. So grateful I get to have her as a "little sister" and an auntie to my little girls!

  6. Keep going girls! God has a plan, and you are an integral part! Your time is well spent!

  7. Julia i'm speechless. i look up to you so much!! i don't know what to say about this beautiful post except thank you!!!! And I'm glad God dragged me out of the hole I dropped myself into, in time to see this!!!

    How I wish Carina could be mine!! But I know He is holding her and I know her mama is out there!!

    From the bottom of my heart thank you for always screaming and teaching me to never be quiet!!!!


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