Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A little Bit of a Lot

This little guy has been on the RR website for just about the LONGEST amount of time.  

As of today... He has a family!!


I have wanted to yell about him for months now but something always came up...Praising God that silent prayers work just as well as loud screams!!

Oh how sweet to see him there this morning...

Yeah God!!


Lyla is meeting her Mama and Papa tomorrow...

My heart is overflowing but prayers are pouring forth because they found out that Lyla's heart is not very typical...

Doctors are being consulted.  I'm praying that somehow their process can be speeded up!!  This baby needs out now!

Please please please pray this precious babe home!!  Breathe Lyla Breathe!

You can follow Lyla's story HERE.



Here's an update - Last Friday they went to the US Consulate to get their visas... They have had this appointment for months and based all their plane tickets and travel around this particular appointment.  But the US messed up and the Visas were not ready.  They DO have them now (as of Monday) and are currently flying home (today) BUT... The tickets they had with UNITED could NOT be exchanged because United could not find seats for them for several weeks.  So they had to switch airlines.  That means that they had to buy all new tickets!  PLUS they had to pay hundreds of dollars extra for hotel and food and had to pay change costs for their flight to H*ng K*ng.  

They fell $7,000.00 in a hole in just a matter of minutes because of the US Consulate error.  

When they come home they are going to appeal to everyone they can think of to try to get United to reimburse their plane tickets.  But in the meantime - they are short thousands of dollars and they did not have that money in reserve.  I wrote about why yesterday....

Please consider helping them out in their time of need!


And PLEASE don't forget my friend Patti's Giveaway that she is doing for the Archer family.  They are bringing home THREE of our MULLIGAN STEW BABES... They need to raise around $1,740.00 to be fully funded.  Patti has an awesome giveaway going and she wrote a post the other day that gave me leaky eyes!!

You can read that post HERE and while you are over there... ENTER INTO THAT GIVEAWAY BY DROPPING A FEW DOLLARS IN THE ARCHER'S BUCKET!!

I know three little boys who will be forever grateful!!

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