Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How Deep?

I know you wonder sometimes just how deep...

Are his dimples.....



Please Please Please keep praying for Selah and her family!!

Her long-term prognosis is HARD.  

There are no words.  You can follow her story HERE.


Sometimes families can't get to their little ones fast enough.  Sometimes...

Walden's family was NINE DAYS from holding him in their arms.  

He didn't make it.

They are choosing to cross the ocean anyway.

Would you consider making a donation to the Brook family in HONOR of Walden whom they were going to name ELIJAH!!  


Conner is not only out of the hospital... He's walking!!!



  1. sad! Poor precious baby. Do you know what he died from?

    1. He died from complications after heart surgery. Sadly they didn't wait until he could be taken to the states for the surgery but went ahead and did it there. Without anyone to comfort him, hold him, fight for him - he died a day after surgery.


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