Monday, October 15, 2012

Gentle Reminders

I'll be honest - I went on overload mode this last weekend.

I lay in bed on one of the nights and counted how many families I know who are leaving in just a matter of weeks who are NOT funded.  I thought about the Pattersons adopting Igor, one of our Mulligan Babes. I have done NOTHING to help them raise funds. I thought about the  Eriksens adopting Porter. They are still short by so much and are getting ready to cross the ocean soon.  I thought about the Nances adopting Maxim.  I'm so grateful they are getting him and I have done so little to help them.  I thought about Scott and Tracy Heims and their leap of faith to go adopt FOUR CHILDREN.  They too were in our Mulligan Stew and they are leaving soon.  Their need continues to be great.  And I thought of Everett and Olson and the Enskats adopting them.  They were just given a 7,500 matching grant that is an all or nothing.  They match - they get it all.  They don't match - they get nothing.  HOW IN THE WORLD?? Each family needs SO MUCH.  How can I help them with my little nickels and dime?  How can I keep from burning my readers out?  

And they are not the only ones.  There are so many more.  Families I love.  Families I want to help.

And then I thought about the kids who desperately need families.  The ones we have prayed over for so long.  Oh how my heart breaks.

Victoria and Heath and Emmit and Hanson.  The four Mulligan Stew babes who have yet to find families.  How much longer must they wait Lord??


My thoughts rested on Rita whose file is only available for just a short period of time.  I lay and grieved for her knowing that if she doesn't find a family - she will be transferred to an adult mental institute.  At most of those institutes they SHAVE THEIR HEADS to make it easier to care for so many.  God Forbid that she endure such a fate.  WHERE IS HER MAMA?? Her arthrogryposis is almost identical to Aaron's. She is in a country that is relatively EASY.  Her adoption costs are around 24,000.  She doesn't have a grant account because her file is only available for a short period of time.  Then it is gone.  So we can't raise money for Rita.  Only awareness.  MY HEART BREAKS FOR RITA.

And the Passed Over Babes?  The ones from last years Angel Tree who have yet to find families??  Sergei, Arina, Robyn and Mark.  They are now too old to be on the Angel Tree this year.  Break My Heart.


And Yegor.  My Angel Tree Boy this year.  The ONLY Passed over babe left.

And Celine. She still needs $3,769 to meet her matching goal.  

And the Cultivate Wines Voting??  I"m watching the Reece's Rainbow lead decrease each day and I sorrow for the kids.  Last year a number of those children were on the Angel Tree.  Some of them we had to fight tooth and nail to get them to the $1,000 wall.  To watch 50,000 ebb away just makes me sick at heart.  Because I know that without that money for those children - we will have to raise it manually.  The families will be left scrapping pennies and praying for funds.  

And that makes me weary beyond words.

And the Lost Boys.  How can I ever. EVER. forget about them.  They are always there.  Never leaving me at peace. 

It is so easy to get overwhelmed at all of it.  It is so easy to worry and wonder.

It's so easy.

But God.


His gentle reminders that He has this.  He has all of it.

 On Saturday I received an e-mail from our old facilitator.  We had sent updated pictures of Aaron and our family to Alyona and Slavik months ago for them to give to the director.  By giving those pictures we were letting the director know that WE are the ones behind the ministry team going in to minister to the boys.  We were letting her know that we cared.  It was a risk to give her the pictures but Alyona felt the timing was right.  And the director was pleased.  She called our facilitator to let her know she had been given the pictures.  They had warmed her heart.  PRAISE GOD!! PRAISE GOD!!


It is not my work. It is not my ministry.  It is HIS and HIS ALONE. He is the one who cares about each and every child - each and every family.  Our Lost Boys.

I just need to be faithful in the little things and let God do the BIG THINGS.

On Sunday morning as I was sitting in church I felt the familiar hammering of my heart as we prayed together in corporate prayer.  That hammering that calls me to speak out. To be a voice for the least.  So with trembling voice I did.   I shared about Aaron's institute and the boys we left behind.  And I shared about Porter.  His family.  The huge difference they will make in the life of one little boy and the lives of all the Lost Boys at that sorrowful place.  I cried as I shared.  How could I not.  Those boys break me down every single time.

Afterwards I was able to share with some individuals.  I felt peace knowing that they would carry the load with me.  I'm not alone. I'm not alone.  I have the church behind me.

And this morning... This morning.  

Michele Enskat messaged me.


Her church handed her a check yesterday for FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS!

I sat here and cried and praised God.

Praising God for a faithful church who is willing to step up and care for the orphans and the widows.  A church that is willing to set aside the need for bigger sound systems and fancier buildings and is willing to help a family in need bring home two of the Least of These.  

Because of the church stepping up, the Enskats only need to raise 2,250.00 and they will be fully funded! (This is because they have a $7,500 matching grant being offered)

THANK YOU MICHELLE'S CHURCH!!! Thank you for stepping up!!!



I thank you!!


Gentle Reminders.

Gentle Reminders.

"I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you...."

PLEASE KEEP VOTING FOR REECE'S RAINBOW  - If you have a Facebook account it is as easy as clicking the link.   All 50,000 will be given to 10 children from 10 different countries.


  1. Julia, you were wrong in one area of this have done SO MUCH for our family and Igor!!! Thank you for putting him in the Mulligan Stew and encouraging people to give to his account before we were able to commit to him. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts. Thank you for going before us and adopting Aaron. We have followed along behind you being encouraged! You have been a tremendous blessing to us and so many others!!

    God is faithful and has never failed us one second of our lives, He will provide!

  2. Julia, Thank you so much for all you do. Also I would love to email you some questions about sweet Rita. My email is


  3. You do so much my friend! Thanks for being there.

  4. J- don't get discouraged...I'm only one but everyday I read your blog I link and vote for the money...keep voicing it! You are making a huge difference! - Julie

  5. Could Rita be your daughter?......Just a feeling I have.

  6. I am someone who reads here everyday, but rarely comments. I do not always contribute to the families you mention as we are committed sponsors to children for years and don't have extra money often. I don't have a facebook and don't want to for various reasons, so I can't vote for the children in the Cultivate Wines contest. I do not have a blog and I am averse to social media so I do not advocate. But what I do regularly is pray for the children you mention, for their families and for those who do not have one, to find theirs. These children would never have been on my prayer list were it not for you.

    Please know that though it may seem that there is not see enough fruit for what you tirelessly do, it is there. In the form of awareness, donation and especially prayers. What you do, does matter even if you are never aware of how exactly. Please don't ever forget that.

  7. Perhaps Rita is meant to be a Nalle? From the moment I saw her beautiful face I had this weird gut feeling that she was meant to be in your family. I am always looking for that next "child" of ours to pop up as we are in process of getting paperwork together to add to our family again. Never have I seen a child and thought of another family but I surely did when I saw Rita. It may seem impossible but perhaps the impossible is possible!

  8. Speaking of Gentle Reminders, have you noticed what's been happening with Sasha recently?


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!