Monday, October 29, 2012

My Peoples

We went away for a few days last weekend and Aaron's biggest concern:  "My Peoples will miss me."

My Peoples.

That's how Aaron refers to everyone in his world.  They are not just friends.  They are HIS PEOPLES.  And if he isn't going to be at school, in his mind, they will be lost without him.  

To say he cracks us up on a daily basis would be an understatement.

Not that he doesn't have fits or struggles because he does. 

Whenever we do new things we can expect to see Aaron's two modes - very happy to the extreme - or very upset to the extreme.  

Getting away for a few days in a new place and doing all new things brought out the extremes in our little guy as he worked to regulate the unbelievable joy he felt with the unbelievable terror he had in dealing with all the people, chaos and the total strangeness of it all.

He likes to know what is happening, when it is happening, where it is happening and how he can be in control of it happening!!


And it was pure fun for him.  

But also pure terror. 

 So all day we watched him bounce from utter happiness to sudden meltdowns for seemingly no reason.  

Thankfully he has patient brothers who gave up 'doing their own thing'.

They were willing to just hang with us as we looked for Aaron-type activities..

 that would bring him the greatest pleasure.

And this smile says it all....

It was a cool day for our littlest...

P.S. And lest you think they were deprived... Ben and Elijah had their fun too... Rob and I took Aaron out of the park before they started the Scream Fest so that they could enjoy a few hours of pure terror too...  


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  1. Glad to see your boy still wearing that totally awesome SHIRT! Where did you GET that?? :)

  2. Oh, keep voting, keep voting. There is a way to find out the current tally, and as of 11:00 am PST we're in #2 spot with 24,403 votes. #1 cause has 24,518. We need over 115 more votes ... Spread the word and keep voting


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