Saturday, October 20, 2012


This blog is going quiet for a few days.  

The last week of posts have completely wiped me out.

Writing about sheds and cages, brokenness and reminders.  I'm drained. Completely drained.

We will be gone for three days and I am going to make the most of the opportunity to just rest.  Restore.  Heal.  And most of all... enjoy my family!

In the meantime.... 

DON'T FORGET TO VOTE!!  Reece's Rainbow is now in 2nd place.   PLEASE VOTE!!!


  1. Have a nice vacation! Voted today :)
    the Adamson family

  2. It is hard and draining. I'm learning that all too well myself. I pray you have a wonderful time with your family and get much needed rest.

  3. I am so thankful for you, Julia. Thank you for everything you write. I have shared your posts with lots of people, including a large group of un-churched homeschool parents; I was selling books at a homeschool garage sale to raise money (and awareness) for several adoptive families (several of whom I found through your efforts to begin with). After the sale was over, I sent a post by Adeye (No Greater Mom blog) to share with the parents, because I had been fundraising for their Hasya too, and she was in country meeting her daughter and sharing the heartache of it--I wanted these families to get to see what they had helped support. Some of the moms emailed back (all in a public homeschool forum, in our very liberal and unchurched city) and said they were crying, they had no idea such things happened, and wanted to know more. I then could respond back with more info, and shared links to RR, and shared links from your blog (the one "The Wall" about kids ageing out, and the last one you wrote on the sheds) and Katie's story from The Blessings of Verity, because together those make such a complete picture. (As complete as any of us on the outside can imagine)

    Likely a hundred familes saw the exchange, and I am sure a lot of them read the posts--you know how inquisitive we homeschool parents are--and I am praying not only that God moves some of those parents to pass on the info to their own friends, and to give $ to help bring some kids home, but also that the unchurched (and likely even antagonistic to Christianity) people who read it would have new understanding about God and his people at work in the world for love.

    OK, this was long, but I wanted you to be encouraged. I hope your time away is restorative, and a blessing. You are a blessing to so many.




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