Sunday, November 4, 2012

An Orphan Tale

I have a story to tell.

About two little boys and a family.

It begins with the family.  Just a typical American family.  A Dad.  A Mom.  Three beautiful boys.  

Our Boys

They were living their lives just like every other typical American family.  Until the mom stumbled upon a ministry called Reece's Rainbow.  

Once your eyes are opened.....

Being the sensitive mom that she is, she struggled to look through the pages and pictures of all the kids.  So she would look for a few minutes and then walk away.  It was too hard.  But God kept pulling her back in.  She toyed with the idea of adopting but would set it aside.  It was ridiculous.  Absurd.  There was no way they could raise that kind of money.  Their house wasn't big enough.  They had a baby.  But time and again God kept tapping.  Reeling.  Opening her eyes and her heart.

Then she saw his face.


And her heart broke.  The pieces shattered across the floor.

A tiny little four year old boy completely stole her heart.  She shared him with her husband and for a week they wrestled.  Prayed.  Cried.  Considered.  It was insane.  Crazy.  They didn't have that kind of money.  But they could not walk away.  

They jumped.  They took out a loan and started their homestudy.  They moved into a larger house to accomodate Silas' needs.  They started scraping together their pennies.  They waded through the mountains of paperwork.

They were approved for one.  Silas.  But the Holy Spirit tapped and right before they finalized their homestudy they inquired about the possibility of being approved for two.  Their social worker balked.  The paperwork was written up for one.  Their USCIS paperwork would have to be amended.  It would cost more money.  She would have to seek approval from her superior. etc. etc. They stood their ground.  Two.   So the homestudy was amended for another and the family began to pray about a 2nd child.  

But the money didn't come pouring in and Silas was priority.  They decided to not worry about the 2nd child and let God lead.  Two weeks before they left they were still $12,000 in the hole.  Worry turned to panic as they considered how they would come up with what they needed to bring Silas home.  Then a gift arrived in the form of $7,500.00.  They praised God and moved forward knowing that they still needed several thousand to be fully funded for Silas but believing that He would provide the rest.  They hoped to continue fundraising as soon as they got their feet firmly planted in country.

So on October 15th they left for Silas' country.  Nervous.  Excited.  Overwhelmed.  They went to their referral appointment believing that all would be well.  But as domestic and international adoptions go... problems arose.  Silas's file had an issue.  At a recent doctor visit, a code had accidentally been changed on his medical records.  Changing that code meant that Silas no longer was on the special needs list of qualified children who could be adopted.  The error was HUGE.  Silas, who had severe CP and absolutely qualified for international adoption was now considered unadoptable until he turned five.  His birthday was at the end of November.  That meant that they would have to wait almost six weeks before they could adopt him.  The only other hope was that the medical record could be fixed but no one knew how long that would take.

Oh My Word.  

They sat in shock as they were presented with their options.  Go home and wait.  Stay and pick another child.  Stay and pray Silas' paperwork would be fixed.  Consider this.  Consider that.  They held hands and tried to breathe.  They remembered the file of a little boy they had looked at after being approved for two.  A sweet little boy laying in a chair with pleading eyes.  They asked to see his file since he was in the same orphanage as Silas. 

His RR name was Orion and after seeing his file they made the gut wrenching decision to ask for his referral, all the while praying that Silas' paperwork would be fixed.  They left trembling and drained.  Two boys lives now intertwined.  The unknown loomed before them.   But God.  Marking the path before them.  Making a way.   A day after they feared the worst for sweet Silas the sun began to break through the clouds.  Silas' paperwork error could be fixed.  It would take a few days but Silas would be available for adoption. 

They traveled to the orphanage with Orion's paper in hand.  Excited to be meeting Orion and sad that they would have to wait a few more days to meet Silas. Wondering how they would choose between the boys.  Believing that God would provide what they needed no matter what.

They listened to the director share information out of Orion's file.   

Then sunshine walked into the room in the form of the "most giggly, loud and alive little boy... He laughed and laughed.   We brought him a toy dinosaur. He threw it on the floor and laughed. The director showed off that he can give "five." (Down low )."

  It was love at first sight.  No way could they leave that little boy behind.  

Orion was sealed forever in their hearts. When he left the room they expected to sign papers for Orion and be off but instead the director pulled another file.  Silas.  They were going to meet him too!!

 The words spoken about him broke their hearts.  This was a child desperately in need of hope and help.  They listened to the ominous report with sorrow and grief.  

And then Silas was brought in.  Terrified.  Overwhelmed.  The room filled with people all staring at him.  He began to spasm and the caretakers quickly carried him away.  Those in the room asked - Do you want him?  Do you want him?


No way could they ever consider leaving him behind.  

Two boys.  Only God.  One full of life and one tiny and malnourished.  One chosen and one an unplanned blessing.  Two brothers.  Two sons.  Two precious treasures.

Silas and Orion

Dear friends,

Many of you recognized Orion's picture.  He was one of the 10 children from the Cultivate Wines contest.  When the Feinlands committed to him they were caught between a rock and a hard place.  What was currently in Orion's grant account would pay for adding him, but they were still going to be about 2,500 short.  Their plans to fundraise pretty much went out the window after they committed to Orion because they were in the awkward position of having to wait to see if Reece's Rainbow would win the contest.  If RR won - their needs would be met and they would have the privilege of giving the money left over to another family in need.  If RR did not win then they would be short 1,500.00. 

So they prayed and quietly hoped that their needs would be met.  They had a private Facebook group where they shared the pictures of the boys but they made no mention of their financial needs on the group.  They didn't write on their blog out of fear of troll attack.  They prayed and hoped. Few knew they were actually in country and this child we were fighting for to win the contest was in the arms of the family who wanted him.  

On Thursday night they learned that RR did not win and they were now in the hole $1,500.00.  

Again, they didn't say anything to anyone.  I was completely unaware of their need but on Friday I saw a notice in a private Facebook group that they had pictures of the boys up.  I LOVE Silas and went right over and asked to be friends with Rachel so I could see that sweet boy's pictures.

Be still my heart!!!  

Seeing him in their arms just absolutely brought me to tears.  And seeing Orion was just icing on the cake. 

I sent Rachel a private message and asked her pointblank how she was doing.

And that was when I heard their story.  

A humble story.  A story from two people who held no malice and who cared only to get two babies out.

And I cried.  

Tears of joy and yes, tears of frustration.  We didn't win Cultivate Wines.  We came in 2nd.  And 2nd means that the 10 children from 10 different countries will receive $1,000.00 in their grant accounts and not $5,000.00.  2nd place means that 10 families are going to have to fight for the extra $40,000.00.

I know my God will provide all their needs.

I know that this family is not going to be abandoned.  

I know this.  

I also know I have a duty to share the need because the Lord laid that deeply on my heart as I prayed throughout Friday night over this family's need.  I am not just asking - I am telling you we need to meet that need.


 They have not felt comfortable asking ANYONE to help them.  

I am asking for them.

Fill up their cup, church.  Fill it up.

It is Orphan Sunday today.

These two orphans and this family need us to stand beside them and support them.

They need $1,500.00.  

Those who voted and those who did not.  This family crossed the ocean in faith. They went for one and are coming back with two because God intervened.  

Now we need to do our part.

Their grant amount needs to read over $11,100.00 for them to be fully funded.




  1. I gave! Thanks for sharing the needs! Keep us posted.

  2. Thank you again Julia for keeping us informed when the families are too humble to let us know their needs.

  3. THANK YOU for making us aware of this family's situation!!

  4. DID! DONE! love your heart, Julia!

  5. Just wrote you and then went checked the grant accounts - God is able. Fully funded. :)

  6. Thank you so much for sharing their story! I will be praying for them as they continue their journey, and it looks like they are fully funded now! Praise God!

  7. I read your story and it made me cry. Hope this helps out. Take care of those beautiful boys. god bless, Melody, future grandma to Zadie.

  8. God did it, Julia! All praise, glory, and honor to Him!

  9. Love to see families fully funded!

  10. Thank you for sharing this story, and giving me the opportunity to do play a small part in GOD's great plan. Bless you,

  11. Cried too. Silas was on my prayer list - so glad to see him in the arms of his mummy and daddy and so happy for Orion too.


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