Friday, November 23, 2012

For This Child...

I saw him a little over a year ago.

He was part of a video that the ministry team sent us after visiting the Lost Boys.  We gasped when we saw him.  We couldn't believe he was a Lost Boy.  He was too tiny.  His clothes were different.  At one point he was sitting on the lap of one of the caretakers.  We wondered if he was her son.  Maybe he came with the ministry team.  No way was he one of the boys.  He just didn't fit in.  I watched the video over and over and over again.  Looking.  Praying.  Worrying.  Who was the tiny little guy in the pictures? Please Lord, don't let him be a Lost Boy.

We saw him again a few months later.  Pictures that confirmed what we  feared.  He WAS a Lost boy.  A tiny wheelchair sitting next to him as he sat on the lap of the caretaker.  

My heart broke at his reality. OH Dear Lord NO!

 I sent e-mails.  Begged to know if he was available.  Grieving inside that this tiny little boy was living in that place.  Dear Lord help me get him out.  Please!  Help me get him out.

But we didn't have a name.  We didn't have any information.  We only knew what the director was willing to share with the ministry team.  

His parents were dead.  Killed in a car accident.  The same accident that had rendered him unable to walk.

That was it.  Just those few sentences.  Words in an e-mail that sent me reeling.  

I wept.  I prayed.  I begged.

But without a name and with a director who would not share any more information - our hands were tied.

So I prayed.  Over and over I prayed.  Please Lord.  Please.

The ministry team didn't get to visit through the winter months.  They tried but the director kept turning them away with one excuse after another.  

Finally.. finally they went.  In the spring.  With some Americans in tow who carried with them money that we had raised from the Mulligan Stew.  The Johnsons.   They were allowed to enter the gates and for 30 minutes they saw a few of the Lost Boys.  He was with them.  The tiny little Roma boy who couldn't walk. They sat beside him. They held his hand.  Watched him interact.  Fell in love with his amazing smile. It was obvious to all that HE DID NOT BELONG THERE.  

Oh Lord help me get this child out!!

But we still did not have a name.  No information.  No good picture.  No way to get him listed.  

Please God!

For this child I have prayed....

I shared him with others privately.  Begged for prayers for him.  Pleaded to the Lord to open a door for him.

Finally.. finally..

In October the door began to swing open.  The ministry team was able to visit the Lost Boys again.  THEY FOUND OUT HIS NAME.  They took pictures.  They were able to talk with him again.  

Sadly - like Aaron  - he was losing his words.  But his smile remained.  And despite his lack of language it was obvious to all that he was SMART.  Bright.  NOT COGNITIVELY DELAYED.  Just living in a world where all he hears are groans and moans.  HE IS ALONE. His parents are gone. 

We now had a picture.  A name. 


E-mails were sent.  His picture went out.  The searching began.  

Finally.  Finally his file was found.  He has paraplegia.  We knew that.  He has a sister.  

That news shocked me.  He has a sister.  A sister who has HIV.  Two years older and in another institute in the same region (not a mental institute but an internat which is better). They go together.  Brother and sister. 

 Please.  Please.  Lord help us get them listed.

I prayed and waited and prayed some more. 

More time passed as her file needed to be found.  Information verified.  FINALLY. FINALLY.   

The only picture of the sister a pitiful copy of the one in her file.  


 And finally... on Wednesday.. the day before Thanksgiving.... they were listed on Reece's Rainbow.


And today - the WORST day to share their story... On this Black Friday when the world is focused on filling up their homes with treasures galore ... On this day I share their story.  

Two children.  


A brother and a sister separated by tragedy.  

A little boy LOST. 


Someone go get them.  They have NOTHING in their grant account.  They have nothing.

They have no treasure to offer the world.  They require sacrifice of much earthly treasure to gain them.

But they are treasures.



God has made a way for them to be found.



THESE BABES NEED OUT.  Samuel needs OUT.  Sara needs OUT.  They need to be together again.  To be brother and sister again.  To grieve their loss.  To begin anew.  To heal.  To regain words and learn again about love.  Please.

For this child I prayed.  For over a year.  Today I am yelling for two.  

Yell with me.

On this Black Friday.  

On this - the worst day of all to yell for two orphans.  Please.  Yell with me.


  1. Just dropped some in. Thank you for praying and advocating for them.

  2. And now I see they have $18. PTL!

  3. Hooray! They've been listed!!! That is wonderful news :). I know their family will come soon. I will share on my blog later.

  4. I have done wheelchair as well as HIV. Neither is that bad. Someone take these precious babies home!

  5. The first mountain has been mastered as the children have been listed. The second mountain to be mastered is to get the their story out about them. The third mountain to be mastered is to raise the funds to liberate and reunite them as a family unto themselves as well as a family ready to join another family willing to love them and heal them. No one said it would be easy. But God said he would be right there with us each step of the way. So belive in God's plan and work your tail off to get it right and straight with the BIG PICTURE directly delivered from God!

  6. Oh - they are just precious! Beautiful children.

  7. Thank you for sharing their story! Their family must be out there!

  8. Did I read that the agency was waiving the fees on these kids or was that for a different child?


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