Friday, November 30, 2012

With Jesus

Written by Carla a few weeks ago after Henry's most recent surgery...

When your adopted child rouses from post surgery anesthesia on a vent searching frantically with his eyes... And his meet yours... And his whole body softens and relaxes and he squeezes your finger and slowly and peacefully closes his eyes again...

Yeah, that moment... 

Worth every penny, every sleepless night, every hardship....

For all those like me who are still mourning Henry....

A chip-in has been set up to help defray funeral and hospital expenses.  All the money is going DIRECTLY into the Dobrovits Paypal Account.  Any left over funds they receive will be donated by them to the REECE'S RAINBOW VOICE OF HOPE FUND.

They are grateful for every gift made in Henry's honor.

For those who can't see the chip-in - go to Paypal and donate using this:

For those who want to know a little more about Henry...

He was listed on Reece's Rainbow as having arthrogryposis.  That put him high on my list for kids I cared deeply about.  When Carla committed to him she immediately made contact with all of the families who had adopted kids with arthro (AMC) and we connected.  She joined the groups I was in and our lives intertwined.  I couldn't wait for them to bring him home because they were Shriners bound and I knew that eventually I would get to hold him in my arms.

But at their first Shriners appointment they learned that Henry did NOT have arthrogryposis.  He had Larsen's Syndrome.   Now some would be angry that they had been misled but I can tell you for a fact that the Dobrovits were anything but angry.  They rejoiced that Henry had been misdiagnosed.  Larsen's Syndrome was NOT on the Special Needs list in his country and if he had been correctly diagnosed by the doctors over there - Henry would have died alone and lonely in his crib. I have to admit that though I rejoiced along with them for the mistake, I was also deeply disappointed in Henry's diagnosis because it meant that the chances of our paths crossing decreased considerably.  

Larsen's Syndrome meant that Henry faced some pretty serious surgeries.  It meant a hard road for his parents but I know for a fact that the Dobrovits would NOT have chosen any other road but that one.  They loved their son before they ever laid eyes on him and the moment they took him into their arms he completely stole their hearts and no diagnosis, prognosis or any other osis would ever have caused them to turn back.

 They would have gone to the ends of the earth for him.

And he knew he was loved.  He knew who his Mama and Papa were.  He was secure and happy in their arms.

He didn't die alone and he knew deep in his tiny little heart that he was one very very loved little boy.

And he is home.

Carla said it best...

Henry is finally home.
His ultimate home.

The home where it was my job, as his mommy, to deliver him.

Home with Jesus in heaven.



  1. Heartbroken for them and praying...what a beautiful tribute to one adorable little angel boy!

  2. No words can surpass this mama's loving heart for her son.
    Our hearts and prayers go out to the Dobrovit Family.

  3. Prayers to them and prayers for Henry. You all are inspiring, all the families of Reece's Rainbow. I read your blog often and you are a tireless advocate and warrior for these, God's beautiful children. I am awed at what you do.


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