Friday, January 4, 2013

He Never Gets a Break



Samuel and Sara

They are alone.  They do not even have the privilege of having each other.

Samuel is sitting in a mental institute on rotten benches.
I don't know where Sara currently resides.

All my intentions to take a break from advocating and raising funds fall by the wayside when I consider that Samuel never ever gets a break from the chaos around him.

Oh Please understand the world in which he lives.  It consists of NOTHING. 


If you want your heart broken into pieces click below.  If you want a glimpse into the definition of NOTHING click below.  If you want to see boys who have learned how to turn off their minds click below.  If you want to see the blank, faraway look that Aaron gave us so often in the first year he was home click below.

This is the reality of all those babes in Rus*ia who are deemed mentally or physically disabled and have just lost the privilege of adoption.  This is the reality in Aaron's old world.  Go slowly through those pictures.  See the boys looking out between the slats of the shed?  See the walls?  See the benches?  See the chipped paint ?  See the boy sitting on the potty chair?  See the drab, empty rooms?  See the toyless, bookless world? 


This is Samuel's reality.

Empty.  Nothing.


Please help me.

He never gets a break from the chaos and emptiness around him.

He never gets a break.

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  1. There's just no way to continue with "business as usual" after watching that slide show. I pray I never do. I want to crucify those who have the ability to treat other humans like trash, yet my complacency is no better. God just used those pictures to pierce my heart and I have no idea what to do now. I am disgusted at all the time I've wasted putting my own needs before the needs of others. Could there be a greater need than not being loved on top of being starved, beaten, humiliated, and ignored??? Going to show my husband the slideshow and pray. Really have no idea what to do at this moment other than fling myself at the foot of the cross and cry out to Jesus. Thank you for loving like Jesus does and bringing the needs of these little ones to our attention.


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