Thursday, January 10, 2013


The Battle Belongs to the Lord....
The bilateral adoption agreement made between Russ*a and the US this past fall is going to be honored!! THAT IS HUGE! It means that for the next year adoptions will be allowed to be processed!! 
Thank you Jesus.
Keep praying that the doors will STAY OPENED!  There are hundreds and hundreds of families in process right now who have just dropped to their knees in grateful praise for answered prayer.  There are hundreds and hundreds of orphans who have just had hope given back after days of darkness and despair.
Please pray.  Pray that our government will be able to mend and heal the brokenness  between the countries so that adoptions will continue past January 2014. 
Pray for the families that they will be able to quickly and efficiently move through the process while the door stands open. 
Pray for those who are considering adopting that they will have the COURAGE to leap despite the unknown. 
Pray for all the babes over there who lay in bed each night whispering prayers for a family to come and take them home.


  1. What great news! Thank you for sharing!

    Sue H.

  2. I heard it here first! Now, will people take the leap to Russia? I'm not sure I would.

  3. Awesome news. Is this just for families in the process or for all families? Also, can I use these pictures to post on FB and possibly my blog?

  4. Did you see that the article has been changed? It says the ban is unlikely to be affected, & that only 6 of the 52 in process will come home. The link at the top of the article goes here:

  5. The article says that it has been significantly changed. Now it says it's unlikely that the ban will be affected. It also says that out of the 52 families in process, only 6 will bring their kids home. There's a link at the top to the revised article:

  6. Though the article may have been changed, we must continue to pray! What looks like a Mt. Everest sized obstacle CAN BE MOVED through our prayers.

  7. This is the latest report from our agency this afternoon.

    The latest clarification today is not what we had hoped for. Let’s hope further concessions will be made.

    Russia to allow some orphans to be adopted in U.S.
    By Agence France-Presse

    Russian children whose adoptions have already been approved by courts will go to the United States despite a blanket ban on all American adoptions, a Kremlin spokesman said on Friday.

    “Those who have received a court decision will go,” President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov told AFP. “Those who do not have a decision will not go.”



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