Friday, February 15, 2013

Just Imagine

Imagine being safely asleep in your bed with your sister nearby.
Imagine someone coming into your bedroom in the middle of the night and grabbing you out of your bed and carrying you down the steps and just about out of the house.
Imagine waking up in this person's arms terrified beyond belief.
Imagine that you are just a little girl.
Imagine that only by the GRACE OF GOD did the man drop you and run because your sister heard a noise and got out of bed to investigate.

Imagine the screams and the cries.
Imagine the terror of your family as they run out of their rooms to find out what is happening.
It happened.
It happened back in October to a Reece's Rainbow family.
A family who is in process to adopt two little babes from Ch*na.

They were in the middle of life when an intruder robbed them of all feelings of safety and comfort in their own home.

He came into their home and tried to kidnap one of the girls.
Imagine the terror of the children each night as they crowd in their parent's room and sleep on the floor.  Even now, months later!

It has been beyond hard on this family.
Imagine the worry as they realize that all the happenings surrounding the intruder robbed them of the months they needed to fundraise and get ready for their two precious babes. Imagine their sacrifice as they had to borrow 10,000 to pay fees that needed to be paid.  Imagine their frustration at being turned down for grants they desperately needed. 
Imagine how they feel right now when they see their timetable and realize they still need almost $19,000.00.
Dear friends, for the last six weeks I have been taking a quiet break from blogging. 
Partly because we are swamped, and I just literally do not have time to think.
Partly because I have been burned out and needed a break.
But this morning I'm coming out of my break for a temporary shout out.
Please listen well.
This family is within weeks of travel and they still need a wheelbarrow full of money.
I've blogged about them before back in the fall and you helped them raise some of their fees.  I care deeply about their two babes.  They are little people and where they live they have no chance of living a normal life. 

The Sharps have experience adopting children with dwarfism.  They brought another RR babe home two years ago - Kullen. 

He's thriving and can't wait to have a brother and a sister who are just like him!!
I struggled to know how to share what happened to them back in October because it was horrific and beyond belief.   I was hoping that their community would rally to their side considering the circumstances.  But they had to go private with their blog for a season and have been hesitant to do much yelling for fear that something would happen again. 
So here they are.
Within weeks of travel and without the funds they need to go.


Put yourself in their shoes.

It has seriously been a hard winter for them.
Now imagine a body of believers who decide to rise up and quietly and lovingly fill their bucket so that this one worry can be taken off their hearts.
Imagine a body of believers who willingly sacrifices their hard-earned money so that two little children can grow strong and free in a home filled with love.


I haven't asked in a while to help raise funds. 

I'm asking now. 

Will you please help this family raise the ransom to get these kids home?  Will you give sacrificially?  Will you dig deep? 

Will you rise up and bless the Sharps??

Help them bring Rowyn and Zekiel home?


You can donate to their Reece's Rainbow grant fund HERE.
Or you can donate to their Project Hopeful grant fund HERE.

Or you can go on their blog and make a donation to their chip-in HERE.




P.S.  To be fully funded the Sharps need their RR grant to read:  $25,231.00

Just Imagine.



  1. I just went to their blog and donated $20 to their "Love/Heart" fundraiser. I pray they get fully funded soon. Love from SWVA.

  2. Donated. Thank you for bringing these to our attention Julia. What a beautiful family.

    Sue H.

  3. I've donated, and thank you for telling us about this, Julia!

  4. Donated! So glad I could help. God bless you for all you do. Hope you find the strength to continue on. We are all praying for you and your family!


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