Friday, March 22, 2013

Aaron Update +

I know...
I have been totally remiss in keeping all you Aaron fans updated on what is happening with our little guy!
He's doing fabulous all things considered.

He's gotten used to his new normal and getting presents in the mail from his enormous Aaron Fan Club has definitely helped to keep him occupied and happy....

Oh My Goodness the presents come every day!  We haven't opened all of them at this point but THANK YOU to everyone who has been so generous with our little guy!!  They have seriously helped him get over a very rough time.
Notice his left hand????
Aaron was sitting and reading his book to me last week when he stopped and shouted "Mama, Look! Look at my hand.  It's holding my book!" 
We had to stop and call Papa and tell him the grand news! 
For the first time in his life Aaron is now able to have  both his hands working together.  What a HUGE gain for him! 

The last few weeks have been a bit on the wild side and the state of my house is proof positive! 
Last week I went to South Carolina to a homeschooling convention.
I can't say it was the best time of my life.
In fact I rate it as probably the worst conventions I've ever attended for numerous reasons.
My family was at home and my youngest had just had major surgery.  Leaving poor Rob to try to work full-time and take care of the needs of the family without me was HARD to do.  Aaron is pretty high-maintenance right now.  Needless to say, Rob got little done.  I felt guilty the entire weekend for leaving him! 
The Convention itself was pretty slow.  South Carolina people get to choose between two Conventions but we can't afford to go to both.  I don't know what I'll do next year... find another state probably!  Breaking even is not my definition of a good convention!  I'm not the only vendor who is frustrated by this.  I would venture to say a lot of vendors are  going to jump ship! 
Mostly, it was a rough time because my sweet friend who went with me became ill part way through the weekend and all I wanted to do after that was get her in the car and get her home!  We left on Saturday night at 7:45 pm (after packing up) and instead of staying in a hotel we booked it home.  I tumbled into bed at 3:30 am - a very whipped puppy indeed.  She's doing fine and thankfully I haven't been hit with whatever was ailing her!
Our Mulligan Stew is seriously going to be an amazing feast!!
God is pouring out the blessings even as I write.
Last year we had some amazing families sitting at our table and one of those families we are inviting back to sit with us again.
The Unroe family was part of our stew last year because one of the children they were adopting, Keith, was in one of the worst facilities in Eastern Europe.
Keith is thriving at home.
(He's the fat little chunk sitting on Amanda's lap)
This year they are being called to go back and bring him three more babes from that same institute.
These babes need to get out.
This is Matthew.  He is 9 years old and weighs 18 lbs. 
This is Carson.  He is a six year old sweetheart with hydrocephalus which is something the Unroes are very familiar with since one of their other adopted children has the same condition!
This is precious Charity. She is the little girl in the bunch!!
These three lovies are going to be so very loved and cared for by the Unroes.  Yes they have a large family but I've seen how large families operate and I have no doubt that these three little ones are going to thrive once they cross the ocean.
I don't mind at all finding seats for the Unroes around our table.  One of the hardest parts for families who are adopting a second or third time around is that fundraising gets harder and harder. 
So welcome to the Unroes.
Pull up some chairs!


  1. loved seeing aron use his hands

  2. So glad to see Aaron's smile is back! I missed seeing it and I'm sure you did too!

    I look at Matthew and I'm dumbfounded. Nine years old and weighs 18 lbs? How does that happen? No, I know how it does, but...HOW DOES IT HAPPEN??? I suppose I can't fathom the callousness of heart it takes to see a child in that state and not do something about it. However, the caregivers, if they are not downright cruel, must be overwhelmed by what they see, and desensitized. They can't change it, so they don't. It just IS. Lord, have mercy...

    The Unroes need a TV show! ;) Actually, America needs a TV show about THEM! ;) Duggars who? (J/k)

  3. I have been meaning to email to find out about our sweet little friend!!! Thanks for the GREAT update!! So happy for him!

  4. thank you for introducing us to the Unroe family. Do they have a blog?? We'd love to follow their progress! Are any of their children biological??

    The Winslow Family

  5. Hooray for the Unroes! I think they are SO COOL.

  6. Oh my goodness Julia!! Aaron is so cute in pictures.........but on video... in action........he is ADORABLE!! You go Aaron! YOU are my hero!! (((HUGS)))Sorry your homeschool convention was disapointing.

  7. Gotta love this boy... way to go Aaron! :)
    What a contagious smile. How amazing to see him using both hands.

  8. Thank you all so much!!! We appreciate being at this table more than you all know and are so thankful for Julia inviting us! You can follow along with us on our adoption page on FB for the most updates:

    We have a blog that is BUT I am horrible about keeping it updated right now. With trying to fundraise and keep people up to date the FB page is easier. Things get a little busy with 18 kids. lol

  9. We love Wedgits! He is doing great with them!

    Come to Texas next year! The THSC convention in the Woodlands is HUGE.


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