Sunday, March 24, 2013

I Hope You Won't Mind

Sometimes you have to break your own rules.

Sometimes you have to open a door you just shut.


This is one of those times.

I can't share the whole story until later on in the week but here's the shortened version.

I originally wanted 12 waiting children sitting at our table and 6 families.

Choosing the 12 was hard and gut-wrenching.

Besides having the ones I personally wanted at the table - all you wonderful people flooded my in-box with your requests.

Each time I got a plea I wanted to rejoice that someone cared so deeply for an abandoned orphan across the ocean.  I then wanted to cry because I couldn't choose every single one.

So I made a list and I prayed through the list.

Rob and I discussed the list and then I prayed some more.

This year when I got to the final list (many of my picks no longer on the list) I had 15 names.

My heart wanted all 15 but we both felt that 12 was the right number.

So we chose the 12.

We set three boys aside.

It hurt my heart.

Then Estelle was chosen by the Deutsch family.

Our numbers changed.

Instead of 12 waiting children and 6 families.... we then had 11 waiting children and 7 families.

I kept the three boys set aside.

Then Alexei was chosen.

10 waiting children and 7 families.

People asked who I was going to pick to fill the 2 spots.

Technically we only had ONE spot left.

I didn't want to choose.

I had THREE boys set aside.

I could NOT choose between the three so I didn't choose.

Instead I closed the Giveaway.

But God has a funny way of showing up when doors seem closed.  You see I found out something this morning that I can't share but ONE of my chosen boys is going to get a family.  Oh I want to spill the beans but protocol must be followed. 



That leaves TWO BOYS.

Two very precious treasures who need families.
The table is set. The soup is ready.

I thought all the guests had been invited.
But can we find room at our table for two more boys?

This is Sutter.  He has one more year until he ages out. 


Leaving him out was killing me.

This is Jason.

 Jason (1)
If you look closely at the second picture you will understand why setting him aside was causing me distress.
I can't leave them out.
I hope you won't mind  two more boys at our table.

I know it makes it a bit more crowded.

I know it increases the noise and the chaos.

But God moved a mountain this morning and I had to slip these boys in!
I hope you won't mind!

I just have to break the rules once in a while...



  1. Mind?! I'm overjoyed to see Jason a part of the stew :)
    He has tugged at numerous hearts. Praying this is the year he gets a family!

  2. You can break your rules as long as you aren't breaking God's rules. And I think God wants you to add Jason & Sutter.

  3. Sometimes rules are made to be broken.....and no one will complain about this violation!!!!

  4. Wonderful!!!

  5. Oh you rule breaker you ! Go ahead and fit as many as you can. A quiet feast is a boring one. Also, why Mulligan stew, not Nalle stew ? Curious about the name. Praying for your guests, the stew and your generous, loving hearts.

  6. Is the family of the third boy yours..?

  7. Omg, were you talking about this family ?

  8. I must say I love how God uses His instruments to work big things. Already, exciting things are happening with this mulligan stew.

  9. You did not break the rules, God changed the game plan!


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!