Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thursday Morning Update

That sums up Aaron's last 48 hours in one word.
He was not at all impressed with his new mode of transportation...
And even having a new friend didn't pull him out of his miserable estate.
Bryson and Aaron have two things in common... they are both adopted and they both have arthro.

Bryson had major surgery a week ago so he is in much better emotional shape than Aaron at this point.
He was not bothered a bit by Aaron's misery as he knows all about casts and pain.
Bryson had a blast playing Rob in Connect Four!
It was cutthroat and fun!
Can you guess who won a few rounds??
Even though Aaron was miserable during Bryson's visit - it was still really nice to have them here and to get Aaron out of his room.
We spent most of yesterday trying to help Aaron get comfortable.
He ran a low-grade fever most of the day and even though they were giving him meds - he still was bothered with pain.  We know that Aaron spent the first two years of his life in and out of the hospital.  The way he absorbs pain medications is a good indication of how they they must have kept him quiet in the hospital during his baby years. 
Trying to get him asleep last night was a challenge as he tried to find a way to position himself on his side - his favorite way of sleeping.
At 3:30 am he finally gave up the fight.

We are hoping to break him out today.  They have his IV's out and we can do pain meds at home as well as they can here.  We think having him in his own world will bring life back into his dimples.
They ordered a bigger wheelchair and PT and OT want to work with him a bit but we are hoping we can get that done and on the road before rush hour tonight...
Okay - that is wishful thinking!!
Our boys are without power at home and were just a tad cold last night!  Okay - I think they would describe it as much colder than cold!  They did have a fire going in the wood stove but it isn't big enough to heat up the house. 
Would definitely be grateful for prayers that he is discharged, that we get home safely and that our power is restored. 


  1. Oh Aaron!!! I am so sorry sweet boy!!! Seeing you so uncomfortable hurts my heart :( We will continue to storm HEAVEN beautiful boy!!!!!! Praying for power too!!!

  2. Praying. Now and all day. Poor buddy. . . I absolutely SHUDDER at the tolerance to prescription narcotics our boys have.

  3. I'm so sorry Aaron is having such a rough time, and hope that he'll soon feel much, much better. His new friend is a cutie - I hope similar smiles will be back on Aaron's sweet face soon.

    Sorry to learn of the power outtage - we went through that for a week during an ice storm several years ago, and dressed in layers, hung up quilts in doorless doorways to hold in the fireplace's heat, dragged out old cast iron skillets to do fireplace cookery (heated up frozen spaghetti, scrambled eggs, grilled cheese sandwiches, etc.), baked potatoes wrapped in aluminum foil in the hot fireplace ashes, used a brass dipper to boil water for tea, hot chocolate, and oatmeal, propped aluminum foil behind and beneath candles to reflect light, used a battery-operated camping lantern, hot water bottles to keep feet warm, and antique miniature oil lamps for safer light sources than candles, plus of course battery-operated radios, and pretty much lived in the "fireplace room" for the duration. We did retain hot water and all the plumbing worked, thank goodness. Filling the bathtubs with hot water helped a little, too. We've kept a good-sized woodpile handy ever since.

    It was exhausting and not much fun after the first few hours, but we survived! I hope these ideas for involuntarily "living off the grid" will be helpful - having a woodstove will give you all kinds of stovetop cooking options, but I hope you won't have to rely on them too long.

    At least you have a very ample supply of the major ingredient in snow ice cream! Maybe Aaron's brothers could build a big cheerful snowman looking in the window of the room where he'll be spending most time...

    Keep warm-
    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from EE

  4. Praying for quick recovery and effective pain meds.! Julia, let me know when you are up here in Philly. I am a close 45min to an hour (traffic) away and am willing to bring you all whatever you need. Even if it's just a smile!

  5. Oh break my heart! Praying for your discharge today. I know I would feel much better in my own house. Thanks for the updates!

  6. Those pictures brought tears to my eyes and even more prayers. Hope you get out of there soon!!!

  7. Now I am crying for him!! Something to ask the Dr about, using Benadryl to give the pain meds a boost and help him relax. They often use it for children with cancer and they used it a year and a half ago when my son had his foot reconstructed. The 3 hour drive home from the hospital caused so much pain and it was not close to time for new meds so they had us give him a dose of benadryl. It relaxed him and allowed him to sleep.

  8. Oh poor Aaron! Praying for a speedy recovery, safe travels and restored power! Wishing I could take away those tears......

  9. It really hurts seeing Aaron crying so miserably :-(. Poor sweet boy!

    Do you think being in a wheelchair might bring back thoughts about those who were in wheelchairs back at his institution, which might add mental distress to the physical pain he feels?

  10. Bless his heart, those pics are heartbreaking as you can feel his pain. Praying for all your requests!

  11. Oh my heart! Prayers to him and your family.

  12. Those pictures of him so miserable Broke. My Heart. Poor baby!! It will be all worth it in the end and I'm sure that's hard for him to see right now with all of the pain. Praying they get something working for him so he's not so miserable. :(

  13. More prayers coming from here for all of you. Like others have said, his pain makes you want to cry...if only these tears could wash away his pain. Miss his sweet smile. Praying you'll all be home soon to a nice warm home with everything in working order. Barbara


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