Thursday, May 30, 2013

For Better or Worse....

It's our 21st wedding anniversary.

21 years together.  For Better or Worse.  Richer or Poorer. Sickness and Health. Until death....

This is NOT how we would have chosen to spend our anniversary.  Sitting in the hospital and waiting for our son to get out of surgery. 

His arm was worse than we expected.  Doctor Zlotolow (Dr. Z) is totally replacing the screws and pins.  He's also having to do a bone graft to fill in between the bones in order to convince Aaron's brain that the bone needs fixing.  We chose to not address Aaron's knee on this visit.  Dr. Z looked at it and was stunned to see that Aaron lost his range of motion after the 8-plate surgery.  Never happens.  Well now they know it does.  We just couldn't handle adding that nightmare onto this one.

So we are sitting together.  Waiting for the call saying Aaron is done.  Then we will spend the rest of the day ministering to our youngest.  Loving on him.  Caring for him.  Tonight I will sleep at the hospital and Rob will hike back over to the hotel and spend the night there.

On our 21st wedding anniversary we will be apart.

That is not how we would have chosen to spend our anniversary but we are right where we want to be.  Parents to a little boy who is so very worth it.


It is our 21st wedding anniversary.  We promised no matter what - we were in it together.  It has been an amazing 21 years.  I've had my best friend by my side.  For better or worse.  Richer or poorer.  Sickness and Health.  Together. 
All is well.


  1. Praying for Aaron and sending you and Rob big congratulations on 21 years of marriage, friendship and love. What a wonderful gift!

  2. Sending up prayers for your family as Aaron recovers from surgery. Congratulations on your anniversary!! Forget Hollywood movies, stories like yours ARE the great stories about true love. :)

    Beth Basilio

  3. Happy anniversary, you guys. Thanks for your example of faithfulness, in so many ways. Much love to both of you, and hugs to Aaron.

  4. It never fails to amaze me how much Aaron looks like his parents. What a beautiful family. Congratulations and all the best to you and sweet Aaron.

  5. Praying for Aaron's recovery and healing to be swift and uneventful. So thankful he has such good and caring doctors.

    And - congratulations on 21 wonderful years! Sending best wishes for many more to follow.

    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from EE

  6. Happy anniversary! Hoping Aaron's recovery is quick and trouble-free!

  7. Praying for Aaron and his doctors and all his medical care givers. Congratulations on 21 years ... may the love you share continue to grow and deepen ... it has surely spread to those around you. Barbara

  8. Congrats to you both! Praying all goes well with the surgery and recovery for Aaron.

  9. Lovely... what anniversaries are meant to mean. Praying all went well for Aaron and a smooth, complete recovery is underway!
    Love Kelly M

  10. Congratulations on your marriage coming of age! Well done. Praying for you all and esp. your littlest.


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