Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Never-Ending Stew

Before you read any further will you do me a favor?
Different families adopting from Ru**ia are heading to Washington DC next week to personally hand deliver these letters/petitions to the senators from their states. You do not download anything. These letters urge our senators to make sure President Obama puts the adoption ban on his agenda when he meets with Putin next month. A massive amount of letters can make a difference.
Will you please CLICK THIS LINK.  I did it.  It literally takes about a minute.  The group doing this is DISCOURAGED.  They have been begging people to sign but most people just roll their eyes and go about their day. 
We cannot forget our Rus*ian families.  They are childless and helpless and if signing a petition helps in any way at all... then we need to take a few seconds out of our busy schedules and stand with these hurting families and sign the petition. 
FYI - Putting your name/address/e-mail on there does not mean you are going to be hounded... These are letters that will be hand-delivered.  No one is gathering information. 
AND NOW.....
The Never-Ending Stew...
It is still feeding the hungry.
Our Mulligan Stew.
It is not over.
One of the winners has given a prize back. 
One of our stew families is leaving in 2 days and is short about 5,000.00.
The prize given back is being transformed into a $500.00 matching grant for the family.
We have until Sunday to match it. 
Mother's Day.
The day that the family lands in a country across the seas to meet two little mother-less babes.
Darren's Mama.

One of our precious stew babes!!
She's on her way.
Here's the amazing part.
Yesterday morning God laid the Tucker family on my heart.  They are leaving in just a few days and their needs are not fully met.  I was praying about how I could help them get their last $5,000.00.  I was feeling helpless and overwhelmed.  I was praying and basically begging God for wisdom. 
Yesterday afternoon - I get a message about the $500.00 matching grant. 
God is a heart whisperer.
He whispered in mine.  He whispered in the anonymous donor.
He cares for the orphan.
He takes care of the families who are stepping out in faith.
Will you please pour into the Tuckers today and tomorrow and Saturday?  Fill their cup?  Get them their matching and beyond?
In less than a week they will be holding their babes in their arms.
Please help fill their cup.
(The Tuckers need their grant account to read $10,500.00 to be fully funded)

I hate to write this next part.....
Sadly - the Collins family had to release Sutter.  They are not able to adopt him.  I don't know all the reasons but I do know that money was one of the factor which just guts me deeply.  Break My Heart.  Sutter now needs a family!!
The Collins need our prayers as they let go. 
My heart is sad.
Please.  Please.  Please.  Help us find a family for Sutter.  His time is running out.



  1. I would definitely sign, but I'm not a registered voter. I'll pray, and if there's anything more that I can do practically, I will....

    (I'm hoping to meet the Tuckers soon!)

  2. Amazing! I've committed to raising $200 for the Tucker's and am almost there!

  3. Signed. Grieving for the Collins and Sutter.


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