Sunday, June 2, 2013

Two Days

They are leaving in TWO DAYS to get this sweet boy.

Their family sponsorship grant reads $5088.00.
Their Reece's Rainbow family sponsorship grant is SUPPOSED to read $21,000.00.
I'm not much of a mathematician but when I run those numbers I am coming up with a huge number and even I can see that they are way off from what they need.
If you don't trust my math then go CLICK HERE and see for yourself... and maybe you can mess with my math numbers by DONATING!
For those who don't understand why this family is this far in the hole at such a late date..
They had someone of renown promise that they would fundraise for them.  That someone was going to raise thousands for them.  That someone lied.  Unfortunately the Hemmes were totally counting on that fundraiser to provide them what they needed.
So they are crossing the ocean without even being close to being funded.
That just makes me ill.
Two days and they are flying to get their babe out.
Won't you please consider helping???

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  1. It's been a long hard day physically getting things ready for our boys, moving lots of furniture as we switch rooms giving our 3 boys the master room and packing. However mentally and spiritually we feel the love that is coming our way. THANK YOU for praying for us. THANK YOU for supporting us. We know what's possible when God speaks to you. Much love, ~Stacia


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